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Horse shampoos are practical cleaning aids for our sensitive four-legged friends: whether thorough cleaning of the mane or tail, intensive cleaning of the... LEARN MORE

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Kerbl Cleaning and Washing Glove Silicone
Effol Wonder-Sponge
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Bense & Eicke Derma Shampoo
Content 0.05 l (€42.60 * / 1 l)
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Horses and shampoo? A good combination!

At first, it may seem unusual to use shampoo for horses. But just like dogs, for example, ponies and horses also benefit from a thorough cleansing of skin and hair. Especially horses that sweat a lot - whether naturally or due to intensive exercise - should be cleaned with horse shampoo from time to time.

Horse shampoo works just like any other shampoo. It thoroughly removes sweat and impurities. The fact that dead skin cells and small insects are removed is an important advantage for horse and rider. Careful care with suitable horse shampoos also provides relief for ponies and horses that have allergies and are prone to eczema, for instance.

Similar to other shampoos, there are various types of horse shampoos for specific purposes:

  • Various basic shampoos, for example with nourishing oils and/or herbal extracts.
  • Eczema shampoo for animals with skin problems.
  • Sensitive shampoo for horses that are prone to itching, for example.
  • Grey horse shampoo for horses with a particularly light coat: such variants gently remove even stubborn stains caused by grass, for example.
  • Special horse shampoos: for young riders, some manufacturers offer glitter shampoo, for example, to make grooming even more fun.

Horse shampoo can be purchased in liquid form, as a solid bar of soap or as a powder. Whether you prefer a spray shampoo or shampooing your horse yourself is a matter of your personal preference and approach to horse care.

By the way, horse shampoo can also be used for humans. Due to the high-quality and at the same time strictly controlled ingredients, horse shampoo for humans achieves excellent care results and makes the hair shine.

Practical accessories for washing horses

For comprehensive care of the coat and mane, horse shampoos can be used ideally in combination with other care accessories:

  • Sweat scrapers and horse sponges in various versions
  • Cleaning gloves with a fluffy surface for easier and faster handling during care
  • Silicone cleaning and water gloves with peeling and massage effect
  • Towels in thick quality for drying
  • Horse brushes to clean coarsely and to finish the care with a beautiful shine.

Compact grooming bags or spacious grooming boxes are ideal for storing care products and allow quick access. Thanks to these practical little helpers, you can store all your grooming equipment neatly in one place. Even horse clippers will find their place here. This way, you will find everything you need for the thorough care of your four-legged friend.