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Outdoor Blankets and Sheets

A horse turnout rug, also called turnout blanket or turnout sheet, is the ideal protection for your horse against the weather. Thanks to its clever product features, the turnout rug for horses provides pleasant warmth and keeps moisture caused by dew or rain away from the body. This way, your four-legged friend will feel comfortable at any time of the year and can enjoy the pasture or paddock without getting too cold. In our online shop you will find a variety of different turnout sheets in different shapes and with different functions.

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Turnout rugs for horses: a smart rug for the pasture in different versions

The turnout rug or blanket can also be used as a rug for the pasture. The purpose of a turnout rug for the pasture is to protect sensitive parts of the horse's body from the weather. This is why there are different variants of horse turnout rugs.

For the transitional months, mainly lighter horse blankets for paddock, pasture and co. are suitable. A turnout sheet with 50 g filling material or without filling, for example, proves to be extremely practical as it hardly generates any additional warmth. A turnout sheet with 100 g filling, however, provides moderate warmth. Such a filling is ideal when the seasons change.

For the cooler winter months, there are turnout rugs or turnout blankets with a much thicker filling. The weight range of the filling material goes up to 300 g. Since your horse moves and warms up a lot when out in the pasture, the filling weight of the winter rugs is lower than that of comparable stable rugs. These are available with up to 500 g of inner lining.

Horse turnout rugs come in a variety of fits

The wide range of filling quantities allows you to choose the turnout sheet that is most comfortable for your horse. There are also turnout blankets that consist of a waterproof top layer and a padded liner. The same applies to the fit: in addition to close-fitting models, there are variants with an extended neck piece. This protects your horse's neck when it is shorn, for example. It is important to ensure that the fastening straps are closed correctly so that they are neither too tight nor too wide.

Some turnout rugs for horses are equipped with a padded collar, providing warmth as well. Especially sensitive and physically challenged horses benefit from such models.

Special product features: turnout blankets with cooling function and rain protectors

In addition to its warming properties, there are other product features that make a rug for the pasture valuable for the horses' well-being. Outdoor rugs are particularly light, comfortable and breathable.

In addition, many turnout rugs for horses are designed as rain protectors. Thanks to their functional textiles, they can withstand light to heavy rain showers. The specific water column depends on the respective rug.

Some manufacturers offer turnout sheets with cooling function to help your horse relax in the pasture immediately after training, a ride or a show. This variant is ideal for particularly active horses.

Since a lot of exercise leads to heavy sweating, the risk of chilling increases. The turnout blankets with cooling function make sure that moisture is quickly transported away and that the horse's body remains as dry as possible.

The advantages of a turnout rug at a glance

Whether you opt for a turnout sheet with or without cooling function, this type of horse rugs offers numerous features that make it an essential part of equestrian equipment:

  • The soft inner surface provides a pleasant feel.
  • The weight of the padding is perfectly adapted to exercising outdoors.
  • There are rainproof versions thanks to special materials or coatings.
  • It offers reliable protection from wind and moisture.
  • It has breathable properties to prevent the build-up of heat.
  • To guarantee durability, is made of tear-resistant material.
  • Fasteners can be closed in different ways to ensure pleasant wearing comfort and the ideal fit of the rug.
  • Ideal freedom of movement is maintained.
  • It can be easily washed at low temperatures in the washing machine.

Back on Track, Eskadron, Bucas turnout rug and more: buy a blanket for your horse

Numerous well-known manufacturers offer a selection of high-quality horse rugs. In our online shop we stock different types of turnout rugs, blankets and sheets to make sure you can order the perfect one for your four-legged friend:

  • Back on Track,
  • Kentucky Horseweare ,
  • Eskadron,
  • Equiline,
  • Imperial Riding,
  • Kingsland,
  • Horseware,
  • Bucas turnout rug.



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