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Coolers for Horses

Horses sweat just like humans when they exert themselves, and this happens regularly during training or a competition. Especially if the four-legged friend is exposed to harsh conditions after work - such as cold, wetness or draught - it can cool down quickly. This can often result in a cold, inflammation of the back muscles or kidneys. To avoid this, it is advisable to put a sweat rug on the horse to dry it after activities. This conducts the sweat through the fabric to the outside. Choose the ideal sweat rug for your four-legged friend. The wide range of products available in our online shop convinces with quality and various designs.

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Frequently asked questions about Coolers

When should a sweat rug be applied?

If the horse is very sweaty after training or a show, it is urgent to cover it with a sweat rug. The rugs support the drying process by absorbing moisture and transporting it to the outside. The more moisture the sweat rug can absorb, the better it works. This can also be recognised by the fact that the rug will be damp and wet some time after it has been put on. The horse underneath, however, will be dry. With this effect, a sweat rug protects against hypothermia and a possible cold. During the cold months, a winter rug should be put on after wearing the sweat rug as soon as the horse is dry again. Alternatively, sweat rugs can be used when riding in a trailer or during the autumn and winter months before training. This keeps the back and kidneys warm and protected.

How long should a sweat rug stay on the horse?

Depending on the thickness and length of the horse's coat, it takes varying amounts of time for the horse to dry. As soon as this is the case, the sweat rug can be removed and, depending on the outside temperature, replaced by a winter rug. When warming up, it is advisable to leave the rug on the horse until the first trotting sessions have been done. Then the rug can be removed and the training can begin.

What size should a sweat rug be?

When buying a sweat rug, it is important to consider the size of the horse. The rug should not be too tight, so that the four-legged friend is not cramped or squeezed. However, it should neither be too loose, otherwise it might slip down and get stuck. Some sweat rugs are also offered with neck parts, which support sweating and ensure better blood circulation in the neck region. Inappropriate sizes impair mobility, practical use and the well-being of the sensitive animals. Therefore, it is recommended to observe the size specifications of the manufacturer and to compare them with the measurements of the horse.

How should a sweat rug be washed?

Most sweat rugs can be washed in the washing machine at 30°C. However, always follow the manufacturer's instructions before washing. Usually, the information can be found on the laundry label. It is advisable to clean the horse rug in a separate machine, because in addition to sweat, there is always some horse hair that sticks to the material. The machine should also have a large filling volume, because the rugs become thick and heavy when washed. It is recommended to dry them on a pole in the fresh air. They should not be put in the dryer, as this could damage the material.

How does a sweat rug function?

A sweat rug transfers moisture from the horse's coat to the surface of the rug. The rug absorbs the sweat and dries the animal. This keeps the horse warm and protects it from the wind, and also prevents colds and other illnesses. Sweat rugs are often made of fleece, which is both absorbent and breathable. It releases moisture and can later be dried quickly and easily in an airy place.

The all-rounder for every requirement

The purpose of a sweat rug for horses is to carefully dry the fur after training, work or a show and to keep the horse warm. At the same time, the sweat rug shields the horse from environmental influences such as draughts, which can provoke hypothermia.

Horse sweat rugs are similar to conventional rugs: they are made of so-called functional materials such as microfibre, fleece or wool. The material, structure and characteristics of the protective rugs contribute to the rapid removal of moisture and sweat. If you challenge your riding horse, you should also care for and support it - sweat rugs are part of preventive health care and positive attention.

A sweat rug is also useful as a support for the so-called cool-down, which should take place after every training session. Many riders underestimate the danger of a horse getting cold when the temperature is high. Especially when there is a draught, you should also use a rug in the hot summer.

The other possible uses are quite diverse: during transport, as protection against flies and in combination with other rugs, a quality sweat rug is a good choice.

Fitting accuracy of the sweat rugs in equestrian sports

In the first place, it is important to ensure that the size is suitable, and that the fastening does not disturb the horse or cause potential bruising or pressure points. It is advisable to try several rugs to see which one fits the horse best. The following factors characterise a good quality rug:

  • Suitable material with elastic character
  • Excellent fabrication around the seams
  • Absorbent and breathable fabrics ensure utility and wearing comfort
  • Climate regulating effect, effective thermoregulation
  • Warming effect
  • Quick removal of sweat
  • Absorption of moisture without causing the rug to feel wet
  • Chic design matching the equestrian sport in well-proven colours

To ensure that the purchased rug fits snugly, you should pay attention to the following relevant features:

  • Choosing the right size
  • Closure that does not disturb the horse
  • Integrated crupper
  • In general: simple handling

There is a wide range of sweat rugs to choose from

Whether small or large, lightweight or lined, the sweat rugs of well-known brands such as Back on Track, Bucas, Equiline, Eskadron, Kentucky Horsewear, Kingsland, Laguso, Passier or Schockemöhle Sports offer high-quality solutions. Heavy (lined) sweat rugs are suitable for low temperatures when the horse is drying in the pasture or is loaded into a horse trailer directly after training. There are also specialised pasture rugs in stock that include an additional cooler function. Our range also includes functional rain rugs and practical riding rugs. Sweat rugs with a neck piece complete the assortment: Through this combination, both body and neck are completely covered, which enables faster sweating and contributes to better blood circulation in the neck region. Warming models with a neck piece are used after training and in cold weather.

Buy sweat absorbent rugs

You can't go wrong with a sweat rug, it's quick to put on and easy to dry. Whatever the need, it offers full support in the arena, box or trailer. We offer a large selection of modern colours and designs in our online shop.


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