Lunge Whips (7)

Lunging whips, also called lunge whips, are an essential part of lunging and vaulting. In contrast to ordinary riding crops, lunging whips stand out... LEARN MORE

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Lunging whips: a whip with extra length

The lunging whip is a special type of whips. When moving forward, the lunge whip should only touch the horse slightly, but not hinder it. For this reason, lunge whips are available in various lengths, some of which can be extended telescopically.

Lunging whips are, next to the lunge lines and special lunging bits, part of the basic equipment for lunging. In addition to the rider's voice, the lunge whip is another way to motivate the horse.

Lunging whips or groundwork whips: it depends on the use

The lunging whip for horses - also called lunge whip - is available in different versions. There are various lengths available, so you can choose the model that is best suited for your purposes.

Lunging whips, which are primarily used for groundwork, can also be called groundwork whips. No matter whether it is lead training, free work, circle work or basic training - a groundwork whip proves to be a supportive artificial aid when working with the horse.

If you want maximum flexibility from your lunge whip, a telescopic lunge whip may be the right choice. As the name suggests, the telescopic lunge whip is an extendable version of the lunge whip.

By extending the whip, you can vary the length and adjust it to your needs. Another advantage of this variant is that you can store it in a very space-saving way.

The clever material composition of the lunge whip

Working with the horse can sometimes be time-consuming. It is therefore important that the lunging whip is comfortable and safe to hold. The low weight should prevent the hand from tiring prematurely.

To achieve this, manufacturers rely on materials that have three main characteristics: they are light, flexible and at the same time unbreakable. The standards include lunge whips made from fibreglass or alternatively carbon.

For the lash, the most common material is nylon. This synthetic fibre is extremely hard-wearing and tear-proof.

Buy a lunging whip for the horse

If you are looking for a lunge whip or a telescopic lunge whip, you should pay attention to quality. High-quality products are characterised by typical features and can be used for a long time.

In our online shop you will find various models that are perfectly suited for different purposes.

If you have any questions about the use or the specific product properties, you can always contact our customer service. We will be happy to advise you in detail.