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Application and instructions

  • In equestrian sports, this special bridle helps to protect the horse's sensitive palate and tongue. So riders have to use a balanced sitting position, leg movements and targeted hand action to guide the horse.

  • A properly attached hackamore fits well around the mouth, causes hardly any interference when worn and offers a certain amount of protection. A bitless bridle is useful, for example, when a horse has an injury in the mouth area. Then these models help to protect this sensitive region and aid regeneration. A hackamore bit is also used in situations when a horse completely refuses to bite.

  • However, it should be noted when riding with a hackamore that some horses have to get used to it first. Even with a slight pull of the reins, a hard pressure is exerted on the nasal bone, chin and neck – so the hackamore can have quite a harsh effect.

  • In summary, a hackamore bit should only be used carefully by experienced riders. At the same time, the horse must be familiar with leg and weight commands in order to react properly. So riding with a hackamore is only suitable for a minority of equestrian athletes.

Californian and mechanical bitless bridle

In essence, a distinction is made between the mechanical hackamore and Californian hackamore variants. The latter is often referred to as a real or classic hackamore. The Californian type is a bridle combination which is based on the old Californian riding style and is also known as a western or loping hackamore. It consists of the bosal (nose piece), the hanger (leather band around the head) and the mecate.

Mechanical hackamores stand out thanks to the piece of iron which is buckled with the cheek piece of the bit. A distinction is made between models with curved and straight shanks, as well as with long and short shanks. In this regard, you should know that long and straight shanks have the biggest effect: the longer the leverage, the less force the rider needs to move a weight.

As a result, care must be taken when handling mechanical models, as they can injure the horse if used incorrectly. Please note: the use of leg and weight commands on the horse requires practice. It sometimes takes time for an animal to know exactly how to react.


Because this bitless bridle is not suitable for every riding horse for the reasons mentioned, Fundis also offers high-quality curb bits, baucher bits and unjointed bits as well as various other types for every occasion. So you're guaranteed to find the right bit for training, horseback riding and tournaments.

Hackamore offers in the Fundis online shop

When buying, you should consider which type your animal needs and which look you prefer. In order to keep the right model ready for every riding horse, we offer you an extensive range of high-quality hackamore bits for training, horseback riding, dressage and show jumping.

  • In this category we carry products from the renowned brands Trust, Beris, HS Sprenger and Stübben (Steeltec). They represent experience, high standards and an outstanding appearance.

  • Some models have a particularly gentle noseband for hackamores. Due to their anatomical shape, these Hackamore nosebands distribute the pressure ideally on the bridge of your horse's nose, which promotes the wellbeing of sensitive dispositions.

  • Take advantage of the diversity of designs and functions in our offer. In the shop you'll find bridles for every riding style in playful, elegant and accentuating looks.

  • The different mouthpiece widths ensure that the best fit will always be available for your animal. Soft materials in sensitive places also ensure that your animal will feel comfortable when riding.

  • Depending on the design, high-quality hackamores tend to affect the chin, nose, neck or all regions. Please pay attention to the exact product descriptions for this relevant aspect.

  • Stylistically, we offer a complete range of products with embroidered leather flaps, stainless steel cheekpieces, leather chin straps and tongue arch bars with a gentle effect in serious equestrian colours. The highest quality always combines benefits with pleasant wearing comfort and the best outward appearance.

Fastening a hackamore properly

In order for riding with a hackamore to succeed, the bitless bridle must be properly buckled. In particular, the mechanical version mustn't be too tight, so that your horse doesn't feel any pressure with loose reins. As a general guide, you should leave at least a finger's width between the nose strap and the horse's nose as well as between the chinstrap and the lower jaw of the animal.

Buy a hackamore

Take advantage of Fundis’ high-quality and diverse offer, so that riding with a hackamore bit goes as well as possible. Fundis provides you with answers to your questions and solutions for every need: Whether it's a mechanical hackamore or a Californian hackamore, we have the product you need right here. Order the right hackamore bit now and benefit from prompt delivery.