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Dressage Show Coats

Those who practice the demanding discipline of dressage in equestrian sports professionally need the best possible riding clothes. Here you will find top-quality dressage tail coats for women and men. Our models meet all requirements, which are relevant for tournaments. Buy your high-quality dressage tailcoat now!

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What characterises a dressage tail coat?

Dressage is a demanding discipline in equestrian sports, in which the rider’s style and appearance take on the utmost significance. A dressage coat functions in combination with the riding helmet as an integral part of your outfit, and reflects entitlement, athleticism and grace. An ambitious competitive performance is always based on the interaction between horse and rider, as well as on the best possible external appearance.

A sophisticated dressage show coat displays this representative character in serious, colour-coordinated, visually attractive fashion. The fine shadbelly coats are short in the front, like a show jacket, though they come down further in the back. Tail coats come down to just above the knee joint and are comparatively light, which makes for comfortable wearing.

Ornamentation, applications, fashionable buttons and pockets enhance the various tail coats and lend them sophistication. Equestrian show coats have a particular character, and they are significantly more stylish than ordinary equestrian show jackets.

Elegant shadbelly coats are required for both sexes during dressage: We therefore offers elegant dressage coats for men, as well as dressage coats for women. Here women and men will find articles of the best quality and a selection that highlights their personal style when they buy a dressage show coat.

Characteristics and materials of the dressage show coat range

The range of articles for equestrian dressage events are characterised by the following properties and features:

  • Competition coats are waist-length jackets with the typical knee-length dovetails. These are known to the specialist as “Schoesse” (“laps”).
  • Every dressage show coat available in our shop combines classic entitlement with stylish ambition and the highest functionality required in equestrian sports. In terms of colour, dressage show coats tend to come in muted colours, such as blue, grey or black. The models are always designed to look exquisite, so they underscore the perfect performance.
  • Light and soft materials, such as cotton, polypropylene, microfibres or virgin wool, ensure that an equestrian show coat is comfortable to wear. The elastane portion ensures optimum harmonisation of the tail coat's optical qualities with the rider’s comfort.
  • Stylish applications and ornaments give some tail coats a personal touch: They provide significant emphasis to the rider's individuality, and set visual accents.
  • Particularly in the context of a competition, sufficient freedom of movement is needed for the delicate interaction between rider and dressage horse to succeed. For this reason, a dressage show coat should not be too tight. At the same time, a riding tail coat should not be too large, so it retains its captivating external effect. Under no circumstances should a tail coat be caught by the wind, as this will disturb the sensitive interaction between rider and horse. When you choose the right dressage show coat, always make sure it fits properly. We offer all models in the usual sizes, so you can always find the perfect solution.
  • Breathable materials make for perfect regulation of the temperature of the outer clothing worn, and contribute to the rider’s physical comfort.
  • Some equestrian show coats are both dirt and water-resistant, with the result that these shadbelly coats fulfil their protective function in dependable fashion, even under adverse conditions.

High-quality models for woman and men

Our elegant dressage show coats provide optimum freedom of movement and are real eye-catchers besides. They are truly captivating, with the proven quality and smart design of renowned brands. Graduated lengths and measurements ensure that you discover a dressage show coat in our shop that's every bit as fashionable and sporty as it is a perfect fit.

When selecting dressage show coats for women, pay attention to those particular features that have special significance for you, in connection with dressage elements as well as freestyle. To make your performance “fit”, as it were. Wind and weather-resistant dressage show coats provide protection against adverse conditions, while a refined Italian cut underscores elegance and class. Details, such as rhinestones/Swarovski applications, body-hugging cuts or buttons with glitter give our range of products that special something. Whether it's luxurious material, a chic and trendy tailored riding coat or the perfect fit with high-quality stretch material - our shop offers you the best solutions in the colours blue, black, grey and brown.

Our selection of dressage show coats for men offers a sporty message harmoniously combined with a stylish sense of entitlement. Our offers put rider and horse in the best possible light. They emphasize charisma and grace, because dressage provides a context in which rider and horse form an aesthetic whole. This way, you can get dressed up for the perfect performance in front of the jury, just like your sporty four-legged friend. Pay attention to the product-specific variations in the descriptions of the riding tail coats, such as colour-coordinated collars, elasticity, breathability, side pockets or pockets with zip closures. Many elegant details contribute to produce the ideal combination of your dressage show coat's fashion, appropriateness, wearing comfort and function.

What brands of dressage show coats does our shop carry?

To satisfy the demands of utmost functionality and high fashion, our shop offers you an exclusive selection in the area of equestrian sports outerwear. We carry high-quality dressage show coats for women and men by renown brands, including:

  • Animo
  • ASUP – Anna Scarpati
  • Equiline
  • Euro Star
  • Kingsland
  • Pikeur
  • Samshield
  • Laguso

We offer equestrian sports outerwear in various sizes, colours and designs. Pay attention to the particular product description, as well customising opportunities. To complete your favourite outfit, our shop also has riding helmets, riding breeches, competition shirts, which let you add an individual touch to your competition or dressage show coat, as well as a range of useful accessories.

Notes on cleaning dressage tail coats

Dressage show coats labelled “Easy care” are machine washable and fast drying. Always observe the precise details regarding cleaning, which are attached to the article of equestrian sports clothing. These convey specific information on how to wash an equestrian show coat.

Buying high-quality equestrian show coats

We offer you a selection of quality dressage show coats that will complete your outfit in perfect, representative fashion. Should you have any questions regarding purchasing a dressage tail coat, please use the contact opportunities to let us know at our shop. We will be happy to provide our expert help with any issues you may have concerning equestrian sports outerwear, or to advise you on completing your riding outfit.


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