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Riding Breeches

In addition to the right equipment for the horse, riders also need high-quality riding clothing. Riding breeches act as an important part of the overall appearance, combining functionality and aesthetics. They have properties that go beyond traditional appearance: Protection, hold, precision fit and durability are key requirements. Properly fitting horse riding pants are essential for comfort, which plays a large part in success in your favorite sport. On this website we offer you riding pants from leading manufacturers with various designs, in tried and tested sizes as well as with a select range of matching colors. Ladies, men and children who are enthusiastic about equestrian sports will find the ideal riding pants in the Fundis online store.

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Equiline Women's Breeches Ciref HW21
€219.00 *
Available variants
Pikeur Breeches Women's Nia Selection HW21, Full-Grip
€169.95 *
Available variants
Imperial Riding Breeches Women's IRHEl Capone Winterwarm HW21, Full Seat, Full-Grip
€119.95 *
Available variants
Imperial Riding Breeches Women's IRHEl Capone High Waist HW21, Full Seat, Full-Grip
€119.95 *
Available variants
Cavalleria Toscana Men's Breeches R-EVO Comfort Stretch HW21, Knee Grip
€285.00 *
Available variants
Ariat Women's Breeches Tri Factor Frost HW21
€160.00 *
Equiline Women's Breeches Gemak HW21
€209.00 *
Available variants
Ariat Women's Riding Leggings Attain Full Seat Grip Tight HW21, Full-Grip
€115.00 *
Available variants
Equiline Women's Riding Leggings Cairk Knee Grip HW21
€89.00 *
Available variants
Equiline Women's Breeches Garief HW21
€229.00 *
Available variants
Equiline Women's Breeches Gemaf HW21
€219.00 *
Available variants
Equiline Women's Breeches Cirek HW21
€209.00 *
Available variants
Cavalleria Toscana Women's Riding Breeches New Grip System HW21, Knee Patches, Knee Grip
€250.00 *
Available variants
Ariat Women's Tights EOS FS HW21
€90.00 *
Cavalleria Toscana Breeches Women's American HW21, Full Seat, Full-Grip
€280.00 *
Available variants
Animo Breeches Women's Neirus HW21, Full Seat, Full Grip
€279.90 *
Available variants
Cavalleria Toscana Breeches Girls' CT Horse and Helmet HW21, Knee Patches, Knee Grip
€155.00 *
Available variants
Cavalleria Toscana Breeches Women's American Perforated Logo Tape HW21, Full Seat, Full-Grip
€280.00 *
Available variants
Animo Breeches Women's Nibras HW21, Knee Patches, Knee Grip
€269.00 *
Available variants
HV Polo Riding Thights Ladies HVPCaroline FSS HW21, Full-Fit, Full-Grip
€99.95 *
Available variants
Euro Star Women's Breeches ESArista Fashion Dia HW21, Full Seat
€189.95 *
Cavalleria Toscana Breeches Women's American Perforated Logo Tape HW21, Knee Patches, Knee Grip
€265.00 *
Available variants
Cavalleria Toscana Women's Breeches R-EVO Comfort Stretch High Waist HW21
€265.00 *
Available variants
Equiline Women's Breeches Gariek HW21
€219.00 *
Available variants

Frequently asked questions about Riding Breeches

Which riding breeches are the best?

The range of brands, as well as the different desires and requirements of their users differ quite a bit. Whether knee patches, full patches or the more modern grip patches, the range of breeches on the current market is huge. Our demands are as different as our bodies. Therefore manufacturers also offer riding breeches in oversizes as well as in overlengths to ensure an optimal fit for every rider. By testing and trying several more and more models of breeches, you will find the optimal model for yourself. Many develop a preference for certain brands and models, but the price should not irritate. Depending on the brand or model, the price varies quickly from affordable to moderate and even to breeches in the upper price categories. In addition, it should be said that the opinions about the quality are as individual as the demands.

What functions do high-quality horse riding breeches fulfill?

Similar to the riding helmet, the riding breeches are an easily recognizable part of dressage, jumping or normal riding. Their primary use is for protection and well-being: Qualitative developments provide comfort with an ideal fit, while at the same time dampening external influences. The external appearance with our riding pants is of a long leg.

Tournament breeches have to fit precisely so that you do not feel any impairment of movement during your beloved sport. Only then do they guarantee the best possible hold in the saddle, warm the wearer and protect the skin from injuries. Of course, long-term durability plays a major role in choosing the right model. Due to the high demands in training and competition, resistance is a central requirement for all of our offers.

Which brands are available at the Fundis online store?

In order to guarantee maximum customer satisfaction, we only sell well-known suppliers and brands. Experience and standards at affordable prices. In the shop you can buy riding breeches from:

  • Animo
  • Anna Scarpati 
  • Ariat
  • Cavalleria Toscana
  • Covalliero
  • Dada Sport
  • Ego7
  • Equestrian Stockholm
  • Equiline
  • Euro Star
  • Imperial Riding
  • Kingsland
  • Laguso
  • Pikeu
  • Samshield

Competition breeches for women, men and children

The rider can only sit in the best possible way when their competition breeches fit their body properly. The clothing also influences the important interaction between horse and rider at competitions and tournaments, because the horses are overly sensitive to whether their human partner is comfortable. When buying competition breeches on the Fundis online store, make sure you have the right riding breeches size and the following properties.


Riding pants are a "material supplement" that is attached to precisely those places where the breeches are exposed to significant stress. The knees, the buttocks and the inner thighs deserve special mention here. From a functional point of view, high-quality trims provide the necessary hold when riding, and provide grip and safety. Visually, the enhancements are either discreetly based on the color of the riding pants or they are deliberately created as "eye-catchers". Attractive combinations set accents in terms of color scheme and design; they complete the important external appearance.

A distinction is made between knee patch, full seat (4/4) and 3/4 trim. Personal requirements and the respective equestrian discipline determine which variant is best for you.

Different materials are used for high-quality trims: riders can choose between fabric, leather and silicon/grip trim. Artificial leather (polyester materials) from Cavasoft, McCrown, Skytex or Pikosoft. offer comfort, control and durability.

Silicone grip scores with its slim, elegant look of chic riding breeches. With this increasingly popular equipment, riders always cut an optimal figure in show jumping and dressage riding. Silicone trim gives an ideal riding feeling with a much firmer hold. In addition, the high level of comfort provides a noticeable advantage. Select your preferred variant when buying riding pants to obtain perfect harmony and support with the best possible grip.


  • Due to climatic conditions, horse lovers like to use riding breeches made of cotton fabrics in summer, which incorporate a certain amount of synthetic fibers. The models are light, elastic, skin-friendly and dissipate heat well. This results in an amazingly comfortable fit. However, cotton riding pants show a certain amount of wear and tear with regular use.

  • Microfiber is a modern material, which is characterized by high elasticity and wear resistance. Thanks to the wind-repellent nature of the thin fabric, riding breeches made of microfiber ensure a pleasant climate on the skin. The quick-drying materials combine high comfort with protective functions.

  • In the cold season, many customers prefer more tightly woven models made of Softshell. Softshell riding breeches are insulating, moisture-absorbing and also dry quickly. The models insulate on the inside, thus protecting riders optimally from low temperatures in the cold season. While the breathable and elastic properties guarantee the best wearing comfort, the exceptionally good durability and the advantage of repelling dirt and water ensure a long lifespan.

  • Thermal breeches with full seat offer ideal protection at low temperatures but reduce contact with the horse. They are therefore a solution for horse riding in winter.

Since the 1960s, riding breeches have developed from what was once an uncomfortable garment into high-quality products with comfortable, aesthetic and functional properties. In the local range you will find offers for all seasons, for the perfect appearance at a tournament or for a relaxed ride in your free time. In addition to women's breeches and men's breeches, the Fundis online store of course sells perfectly fitting kid’s breeches.

Size, style and color

  • When making your selection, note that horse riding pants are always tight to ensure the best possible control over the horse. The fit also ensures that riders do not get caught in the stirrups or the crop.

  • Whether women or men, adults or children - the major equestrian brands have designed special clothing for every body type and relevant age group. Finely differentiated sizes of riding breeches offer suitable dimensions for small to large individuals. The appearance is always consistent: Girls' riding pants and boys' breeches integrate the fashion preferences of the respective age group. They combine the world of young people with the demands of equestrian sport.

  • Fundis riding breeches always meet fashion requirements. With the stylish riding pants, riders always look their best and feel good all round. We stock Classic, Fancy and Jeans. Fancy gives the wearer different kinds of sparkly applications like Swarovski stones, which give the breeches a noble and eye-catching look. Classic describes a classical, plain breech without any fancy applications. Jeans are breeches who mimic the look of classic jeans, but with all the favorable properties of normal riding breeches.

  • Depending on the composition of the outfit, different colors are used for the legwear. We offer products in the tried and tested equestrian colors of beige, blue, navy, brown, gray, taupe, black and white. Please refer to the product descriptions to find out which colors are possible in each case. The choice of colors is based on the requirements of the riding disciplines and the diverse preferences of our customers. Decide confidently whether to emphasize a powerful or graceful aspect.

Advantages of high-quality riding breeches

Quality riding pants are visually impressive and convey class. Because the models sit perfectly, they improve the interaction between humans and animals. More freedom of movement and relief of pressure means that the riders can react much more flexibly to new situations. Elastic fabrics also flatter the skin, and wearers find these materials very pleasant and comfortable. The smooth integration of the seams in particular reduces unnecessary pressure - and thus distraction.

Care instructions for riding pants

Correct and conscientious care extends the durability of riding breeches. After a ride, we recommend that you brush out your breeches first. This frees the material from dust and horsehair and at the same time protects your washing machine. The majority of the models offered in the Fundis online store can be easily washed in the washing machine at 30° or 40° Celsius. Please make sure to close all Velcro fasteners, zippers and snap buttons before washing. To protect particularly high-quality horse riding pants, you can place your favorites in a laundry bag.

Other equestrian accessories

In the shop you will of course find even more basic equestrian clothing, such as attractive competition shirts. A large selection of riding glovesriding socksriding beltscompetition jackets or show coats rounds off your perfect individual outfit for equestrian sport. If you order from us, you can try the riding breeches on at home. If they do not fit, you can easily exchange or return the model within fourteen days without stating a reason.

If you have any suggestions or questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. Customer requests and feedback help Fundis to continually optimize its local offer to suit your interests.


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