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Horse Boots

A horse’s legs are extremely slender and delicate in comparison with its body. This creates an increased risk of injury. During training, romping about the meadow or in a competition, support with the help of high-quality horse equipment makes a good deal of sense. To prevent injuries, horse boots in particular provide excellent protection.

Among the many items in the diverse selection available in our Online Shop, you will find just the right horse boots to fit your horse. The choice includes both dressage boots, jumping boots and brushing boots, as well as shipping boots and stable boots. Should you have any questions regarding their use, feel free to contact our service team!

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Frequently asked questions about Horse Boots

What do you use horse boots for?

Horse boots are used to protect the horse's sensitive legs from injuries that can occur due to external influences or when the legs are knocked together. Especially for show jumping and eventing, horse boots are an important piece of equipment, as the risk of the horse hitting poles, branches or tree trunks is high. In dressage or when training young horses, it often happens that the animals kick themselves. In this case, horse boots also prevent damage to the tendons and joints.

How are horse boots put on the horse?

It is important to put the horse boots on the horse's leg correctly so that they do not slip and there are no pressure or chafing points. Put the horse boots on the back of the leg at the level of the carpal joint and pull them down until they end at the fetlock joint. This way you can make sure that the hair is smoothly swept down and not crosswise. Then you can close the horse boots. The closure must always be on the outside and face backwards. The brushing boots should be tight enough that they cannot slip, but not so tight that the lymph and blood flow is disturbed.

Which horse boots are suitable for which discipline?

For each discipline, there are certain horse boots that have the corresponding properties and thus ensure optimal protection. If you are riding a lot in cross-country or eventing, you should fall back on air-permeable, but closed horse boots with a hard outer shell, since the horse's legs should mainly be protected from external influences. These models have the advantage that your horse does not sweat too much under them during longer distances and that the tendons do not become over-sensitive due to the heat.
In dressage, special dressage boots with or without fur have proven themselves, which protect the horse from its own kicks. In addition, they can also be ideally combined with the rest of the riding outfit.
Horse boots for show jumping usually consist of a hard outer shell and special reinforcements, so that the sensitive horse leg is protected from injuries in the best possible way in the course. Here, too, you can choose between variants with or without lambskin.

Which horse boots suit my horse?

The choice of horse boots for your horse depends on various factors, including which discipline you ride and on how sensitive your horse is. Whether you choose hard shell boots with fur or prefer fetlock boots for your four-legged friend is ultimately up to you. They all protect the horse's leg from external influences and prevent injuries. It is best to test several models and then decide which one your horse feels most comfortable with.

Horse boots: sophisticated, refined, functional

In general, there are horse boots specially designed for each discipline, for both ponies and horses. Horse boots differ depending on the discipline and, oftentimes, in their material composition and style. This is why manufacturers seek to ensure that horse riding boots are coordinated to the challenges they can be anticipated to face. Because for horses, comfort is just as important as the effective protection that is provided to the horse’s sensitive extremities.

Horse boots are similar to cuffs and can be wrapped tightly around the horse's leg. Moreover, some designs are available as anatomically formed hard-shell horse riding boots. Thanks to the consistent quality of both versions, your horse's legs are well supported under heavier load.

In disciplines such as dressage, eventing and show jumping, horse boots prevent overstretching of the horse’s ankles, tendons, and so on. Snapping and stumbling risks are thereby likewise reduced.

The effects of blows, scratches or legs knocking together are effectively reduced. Whether it is a night in the stable, a collision with an obstacle or a ride through the meadows and woods - horse boots counter danger at the source.

Materials: from natural to high-tech

Tradition and innovation literally meet where horse boots are concerned. Because these important protectors are constantly being developed in order to provide the best possible protection for the more sensitive parts of your horse’s body.

The materials processed in the manufacture of horse boots for horses range from unadulterated to high-tech products. Oftentimes, the materials are even combined on account of their properties.

Among the most used materials are leather, imitation leather, TPU, neoprene, EVA foam, fleece and polyester mesh fabric. Carbon reinforcements are often included in the offer. Horse riding boots are available in white, black, brown, or bright colours. In addition, some designs focus on fashionable highlights, such as patterns, applications or glittering, sparkling surfaces.

Benefits of hoof boots attributable to material composition:

  • durable
  • sturdy
  • breathable
  • protective
  • supportive
  • easy to clean and durable
  • shock-absorbing

Putting horse boots on properly

A decisive advantage is that even inexperienced riders can put on a pair of horse boots. They have a more solid form, which makes it practically impossible to put the leg protectors on wrong or too tight. The decisive issue is whether the horse boots fit the horse's legs. In our Online Shop, you will find information on sizes in the various product descriptions.

Since the hoof boots can be closed with hook and loop fasteners or button fasteners, they are always ready for immediate use. Just a few hand movements are required to put on the leg protectors. To keep the horse boots from slipping, you should close the hook and loop fastener at one haul. With cuff-shaped horse boots, you should also position the closure outwards and towards the back. This way, you avoid creating unpleasant pressure on the cannon bone.

When putting the horse boots on, make sure you don’t squeeze the horse’s legs and that the horse boot doesn’t chafe. Test the fit each time you put it on to ensure your horse experiences maximum wearing comfort. If the horse boot fits right, you won't be able to turn it.

Jumping horse boots, dressage boots and brushing boots

If you want to buy horse boots, you must first decide precisely how you want to use them. In the brushing boots category, you will find the designs used for riding.

Here, you will also find variants specifically designed as jumping hoof boots or dressage horse boots: Dressage horse boots focus on protecting the horse's joints, as these are subjected to heavy strain in this discipline.

In addition to tendon boots, which only protect the cannon bone, there are so-called brushing boots. These provide protection to the animal's sensitive ankles by means of the corresponding expansion of a reinforced area. Because of this, ankle horse boots are able to prevent one of the most commonly occurring injuries in show jumping and dressage.

Horse boots used in riding include:

  • Jumping horse boots
  • Dressage horse boots
  • Tendon boots
  • Brushing boots

Shipping and stable horse boots

Horse shipping boots and stall horse boots are - as the name already suggests - protectors not used during riding. These horse boots are given an especially thick lining, so they provide good cushioning.

Soft horse boots made of skin or hide, such as lambskin horse boots, are among the most sought-after variants. Most designs cover the area from the hoof to the carpal joint, to guarantee maximum protection.

Here, a few special variations are cooling horse boots and warming horse boots. Both variants serve a therapeutic purpose and promote increased well-being on the part of the horse. This is because swelling will decrease with cooling, and the injury will heal in accelerated fashion.

However, if the horse is suffering from an illness, such as chronic arthritis, then it will benefit from some thermal treatment. Here, lambskin horse boots and horse boots with thick teddy fleece make for an excellent choice due to their thermal qualities.

In our Online Shop you will find among other things:

  • horse boots with insert pockets for hot and cold packs.
  • horse boots made from skin or hide (artificial hide) in different designs.

Buying horse boots: diverse products from various manufacturers

Every horse is different when it comes to the demands of wearing comfort. Thus, if you have found horse boots that fit and are compatible with your horse, we recommend you get horse boots made by the same manufacturer for both the front and hind legs of your horse.

We also have horse boots you can buy as a set. This way, you get a 4-piece set of dressage horse boots, for example, while other variants are available as a 2-piece set. When purchasing, pay attention to whether you are getting horse boots for horses or for ponies. This is because it is very easy to accidentally purchase the wrong item, as far as the size of the horse boots is concerned.

In our Online Shop, you will find the most diverse types (hard-shell horse boots and flexible horse boots) of horse boots in 4-piece set or 2-piece sets. You can purchase products from the following manufacturers in our horse boots selection:

  • Veredus horse boots
  • Eskadron horse boots
  • BR horse boots
  • Covalliereo horse boots
  • eQuick horse boots
  • Kentucky Horsewear
  • Back on Track horse boots
  • Bucas horse boots
  • Dyon horse boots
  • Equestrian Stockholm horse boots
  • HV Polo horse boots
  • Imperial Riding horse boots
  • QHP horse boots


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