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Horse Toys

Anyone who care intensively for his horse, knows to provide it with free time filled with entertainment and diversions. When it's standing in the stable or recuperating after challenging competitions, our toys will give your horse an animal-friendly, stress-reducing occupation. Providing inspirational toys for your horse make sense, especially for injury-related periods of rest, long periods of standing and during the winter months, when you’re not able to engage so intensively in your sport due to very low temperatures, slipperiness or frozen ground. You should keep suitable tools on hand, particularly during when the frequency of training and competition declines. We carry a range of quality horse toys that offer the best employment for your horse. Find out now about the benefits and uses of toys for horses. Then round off your equipment set for the stable, paddock and transport with a selection of useful toys.

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Toys for horses against boredom

Just like people, horses have feelings. When they stay in the stable for a long time without any sporting challenge, they can become absolutely bored. And what’s more: If physical inactivity has become the norm and your athletic, four-legged friend stands in the box for a long time without any distractions or diversions, it can develop behavioural problems, such as cribbing or weaving. The cause of this lies in the nature of the horse: Horses are herd animals, which normally move permanently and are surrounded by their conspecifics. In their natural environment, horses eat small quantities of low-protein foods. Riding horses, on the other hand, stand still for longer periods of time and usually do not have the opportunity to constantly eat manageable amounts of food.

All the better that we offer you various proven and motivating tools that will keep your horse in good spirits and even dose its food. Because just like humans, show and riding horses like to play in their free time. The more attention an animal pays to its feeding and playing balls or to its troop of neat little companions, the less boredom, stress or loneliness will occur. Appropriate toys for horses do their part in keeping a horse occupied.

What kinds of horse toys does Fundis carry?

Because horses vary in their preferences, they take an interest in different toys. For this reason, it is recommended that you run a practical test of a few products, in order to use the toy that proves the best cure for boredom. We offer you several options:

  • Feed ball and play ball for horses: An attractive-looking feeding horse balls not only ensures a moderate, healthy eating tempo, it also provides an effective means to combat boredom. Our Horse treat balls provide entertainment for your horse in the stable, on the field or on the paddock. The food filling inside keeps the animal focused and counteract any stress or boredom. Your animal will become calmer and more relaxed. The material used is always coordinated with the needs of the animal, can be easily grasped by the horse's teeth without concern for danger. Combine your elegant four-legged friend’s food intake with stimulating activity: The animals will enjoy themselves to no end as the horses’ treat ball is moved, kicked and knocked about. If your horse ventures into a new environment, familiar utensils always convey a sense of security. Whether it's horse treat balls for hay or pelleted feed, large or small - our selection will yield the right product for you. Buy the best ball for your horse now!

  • Cute, dainty toys for the stable: Just like dogs, horses enjoy entertaining activities. Whether it's a fluffy bear made of wool that makes sounds when you press its belly, a cute, dimensionally stable pony or the happily scowling alpaca - the new stable companion helps against loneliness and boredom. We carry proven, affordable motifs and, consequently, horse toys for the stable your animal will love. Playing with the new companion is a matter of course.

  • More products for passing the time in the stable: We always keep our assortment of horse toys up to date. Items such as the jolly ball or horse licks round off the many opportunities in the horse toys category. With its natural ingredients, low sugar and high proportion of fibers, the horses’ fun feed items are the perfect way for your four-legged friend to pass the time without ingesting too many calories. It has to exert itself in order to get at the treats. Indeed, challenge, action and reward work neatly together!

Complete set for riding horses

While inspiring toys for horses keep your animal's spirits up by giving it a positive and constructive activity to pass the time and protect it from boredom, other equestrian sports products contribute to keep the stable as animal-friendly as possible. Hay nets, just like feed buckets and feed bowls promote hygiene during meals and improve the horse’s measured food intake. In the horse stall supplies section, you will also find useful tools such as stable curtains, head protection and related products. Upgrade your equipment and give your sporty, four-legged friend an all-around sense of well-being. The more animal-friendly conditions are kept, the more undisturbed your riding enjoyment as well as the interaction between human and animal.

Buying horse toys

Whether it is to pass the time, to measure out feed, to reduce stress or to keep a horse busy in the stable - the benefits of horse toys are obvious. Give your animal something that goes beyond the physical challenges posed by competition and training, something for its mind, spirit and soul. This way, it will relax better, feel more comfortable and exhibit less stress during performances. Find out now, take advantage of our affordable offers as well as our rapid horse toy stable delivery options!


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