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Originally, a belt or a piece of cord was used to fasten the saddle to the horse’s back. The secure support provides optimum seating for the rider and represents a noticeable basis for the interaction with the horse. At the same time, the animal is protected against unpleasant pressure or pain. Nowadays, there are numerous specialised saddle girths available, with and without padding, with the result that the perfect girth may be found for every situation. We carry a large selection of high-quality saddle girths that will perfectly meet your needs and those of your horse. Visit our online store and buy the best saddle girth available for your needs and for your equestrian discipline.

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Important equipment for optimum seating

Quality saddle girths are part of the basic riding equipment: The interaction between rider and horse will only succeed when the saddle is properly fixed. Whether it's during training, at the competition or on a relaxed ride. The right equipment ensures that your horse feels comfortable, because a high-quality saddle girth respects the animal’s anatomy. A classic girth is made of either leather or neoprene, while lambskin girths ensure that your animal is protected against pressure and abrasion points if required. Several advantages for the owner as well as the horse demand the purchase of a quality saddle girth:

Lightweight material provides pleasant wearing comfort. It scarcely affects the dressage or jumping horse, since it distributes the pressures evenly and comfortably. The right saddle girth ensures that the jumping, eventing or dressage saddle sits optimally on the horse’s back. This improves the harmony between human and horse. Since the saddle can no longer slip unintentionally, the rider is in a safe, stable riding position.

Of course, the horse girths do not restrict the horse's freedom of movement. It is free to perform all its actions as usual. There are no restrictions when jumping or changing direction, since our saddle girths do not impair the natural course of movement. The high-quality products are comfortable to wear and provoke no resistance in sensitive animals. Its high wearing comfort ensures that your horse accepts you and lets you sit up safely. Anatomical girths are the most comfortable to wear, as they provide some leeway and thus highlight the basis for safe and secure jumping and riding pleasure.

What brands of saddle girths does Fundis carry?

Our exclusive selection of leading equestrian sports brands contains the following labels for your perusal:

  • Back on Track
  • BR
  • eQuick
  • Equiline
  • Kavalkade
  • Kentucky Horsewear
  • Passier
  • Prestige Italia
  • Schockemöhle Sports
  • Stübben

Various types of saddle girths for dressage and jumping

We carry a number of different kinds of saddle girths. The question of which of these variants is the best for you depends on the particular equestrian discipline, the particular requirements of your horse and the saddle used.

  • Short girths are often regarded as synonymous with dressage saddle girths. They usually have a length of about 40 to 90 cm. The short girths available in our online store are suitable for dressage saddles, which are equipped with long girth straps. Our proven dressage girths fix the saddle perfectly and are comfortable for the rider's leg and lie comfortably on the horse.
    • A girth with a length between 90 and 150 cm is an anatomic girth or long girth. This type of girth is suitable for saddles with short girth straps.
    • Jumping girths are also sold under the name of stud guard girths. The products protect the animal's belly from unpleasant contact and injuries. During show jumping and eventing for example, if the horseshoes have been equipped with studs. The saddle girth has an additional belly guard to prevent harmful contact; this extra protection prevents the horse from injuring itself with its own hooves.

    What materials are used to manufacture riding, jumping and dressage girths?

    Choosing the most suitable material is the next important decision you’ll make when buying a jumping girth or dressage girth. From the functional point of view, the material of the saddle girth must fit comfortably, provide the best possible protection, adjust optimally to the horse’s anatomy and allow easy cleaning. Based on these requirements, the leading equestrian sports brands use leather, faux leather or neoprene, in order to distribute the pressure in ideal fashion. If the horse needs additional protection from abrasion points or unpleasant contact, then lambskin saddle girths should be used. These provide sensitive animals with additional protection from pressure and friction. Choosing the right material for the horse girth and padding thus depends on several factors. Your budget likewise plays a role, along with maintenance costs and your favoured look. It's also important to take your horse's sensitivities into account when choosing a saddle girth.

    • Leather saddle girths fit perfectly to the horse’s body, with the result that they harmonize with the horse’s movements - the animal is free to perform comfortably. In addition, girths made of leather score points with their skin compatibility. One strength highlights the leather girth's fine visual appearance: They help create a fine and respectable appearance, which is very important during competitions. Another advantage is the great durability and longevity of a high-quality leather saddle girth. The products thus constitute an investment that will pay off in the long term. It is important to consider the cost of maintaining your horse girth, as the natural material used in manufacture should be cleaned regularly using quality care products. Consistent cleaning and maintenance highlight the basis upon which saddle girths made from leather stand up to the demands of training and competition. If well-cared for, they will continuously help to provide a positive equestrian sports experience.
    • Saddle girths made from faux leather present a low maintenance alternative to saddle girths made from authentic leather. Faux leather saddle girths are offered in our online store by Kentucky Horsewear. These require less care since they don't have to be oiled on a regular basis and can be maintained for daily use by simply washing them off with water. We recommend that you refrain from cleaning faux leather using glycerine soap.
    • Synthetic materials, such as neoprene, provide the saddle girths with good maintenance properties: Easy to clean, they’ll win you over with their sturdy, hard-wearing character. Neoprene saddle girths are generally less expensive than saddle girths made from leather. They combine functionality with good handling and have an excellent price-performance ratio. Saddle girths made from neoprene give you a captivating look, and they're also suitable for sensitive horses.
    • Lambskin saddle girths are especially gentle on the horse’s body and can therefore be worn quite comfortably. Articles with stitched or removable lambskin cover distribute the pressure in optimum fashion and effectively prevent the development of unpleasant abrasion points. These saddle girths are thus suitable for sensitive animals that may have had past experiences with poorly-fitting girths. If you want especially high comfort and maximum protection for your horse, then saddle girths with lambskin cover are the best choice for you.

    Choose the right saddle girth for your horse

    If you are looking for a high-quality jumping girth, dressage girth, stud girth, short girth, long girth, leather saddle girth or English girth, then you have come to the right place. We offer numerous proven models of established brands for your equestrian sports needs. The designs in various sizes and materials, such as leather, lambskin and neoprene guarantee that you will find the perfect saddle girth.

    All offers you will encounter in our shop meet the highest demands: They score points with their attractive appearance and address your horse’s needs in optimal fashion. In our store you will find additional accessories, such as saddle pads, fly bonnets, breastplates, stirrups or half pads. Come and browse about our extensive collection! Feel free to contact us should you have any questions regarding specific products or special requests.


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