Horse Shipping Boots (29)

Quite frequently, horses need to be transported. Whether it is an excursion in a special environment, a trip to a show or a visit to a specialist in... LEARN MORE

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LeMieux Tendon Boots Turnout
€83.65 * Originally: €92.95 *
Horseware Rambo Travel Boots
€98.96 * Originally: €131.95 *
€119.95 *
Available variants
Acavallo Tail Guard Gel, with Velcro
€33.30 * Originally: €37.00 *
Covalliero Transport Boots Dexter, Set of 4
€62.99 * Originally: €69.99 *
BR Travel Boots Classic
€68.35 * Originally: €75.95 *
Eskadron Travelling Boots Ripstop
€99.96 * Originally: €124.95 *
Available variants
HV Polo Transport Boots HVPJet FW23, Set of 4
€74.96 * Originally: €99.95 *
LeMieux Tendon Boots, Transport Tendon Boots, Set of 4
Eskadron Transport Boots Glitter Mesh Essence 22/23
From €77.97 * Originally: €119.95 *
Bucas Tail Protector
€28.80 * Originally: €32.00 *
Available variants
Bucas Transport Legs Set of 4 Freedom
€121.50 * Originally: €135.00 *
Bucas Transport Boots Set of 4 2020 Boot
€148.50 * Originally: €165.00 *
Horseware Amigo Ripstop Travel Boots
€74.21 * Originally: €98.95 *

Shipping boots fulfil an important protective function

The risk of injury shows itself in different situations. Slipping off the ramp, rough braking or simply the horse's nervousness can be potential sources of danger.

Especially the sensitive legs of horses can quickly become injured. This is where special travel boots reduce the risk of injury enormously. Extensive padding reduces risks such as bruises, abrasions, cuts or worse.

Therefore, always keep in mind that every transport is a challenge for your horse. With every turn and every sudden acceleration or braking, your horse has to make an active effort to keep its balance.

You could say that transport boots or shipping boots for horses have to fulfil the function of a shock-absorbing pad or cushion. The front and hind legs must be generously padded in order to protect them effectively from external influences.

In our online shop you will find a wide range of travel boots for horses and ponies. Choose the model that is best for your four-legged friend. These protective boots will make every journey a safer one!

Functionality of the shipping boots for pony or horse

The variety of horse boots is huge. Therefore, it is important that you pay attention to the intended use of the protective boots of your choice when buying them. A dressage boot, for example, is very different from a shipping or travel boot.

The reason for this is quite simple: A shipping boot is not intended for horseback riding. Therefore, it fulfils other requirements in terms of material composition and shape. Travel boots cover the entire area from the hock joint to the hoof. This means that areas such as the carpal joint or the coronet are also reliably protected.

So-called therapeutic boots are a special variant of shipping boots. These contain, for example, special materials that have a supportive effect in the case of chronic illnesses or wound treatment. Other models offer the possibility of adding cooling pads or warming inserts.

Comfort meets protection: give your horse time to adjust

It is often unfamiliar for a pony or horse to wear travel boots. As the boots are quite long, they are initially perceived as a foreign body. It is therefore advisable to accustom the four-legged friend slowly to the protectors.

It is a good idea to put the shipping boots on your horse while grazing, grooming or in the box. This way, the horse can gradually get used to the feeling of wearing them until the first journey with a travel boot is due.

Find the right fit: short or long shipping boots

Travel boots are available in both short and long sizes. Since the stature of horses differs greatly depending on the breed, most manufacturers offer their shipping boots in several sizes.

Short shipping boots are usually intended as boots for ponies. Longer versions, on the other hand, are designed as shipping boots for thoroughbreds, for example. In order to provide the best possible protection, the size of the protectors must be adapted to the leg length of the horse.

To find the right length for your horse or pony, measure the leg length and compare it with the manufacturer's specifications. When fitting, remember that travel boots should fit snugly around the hocks.

It is also important that travel boots fit neither too tightly nor too loosely around the cannon bone. This is due to the fact that wearing comfort and the protective function should have equal priority.

Eskadron shipping boots, Back on Track shipping boots and more: manufacturers in the online shop

Whether Bucas shipping boots, Eskadron shipping boots or Back on Track shipping boots - the choice of the right models is up to you and your four-legged friend. If you want to buy travel boots, always test how your horse or pony reacts to the fit and the material.

To find the right model for you, you can choose between various models from different manufacturers in our online shop:

  • Eskadron shipping boots for pony or horse
  • Passier shipping boots for warmblood
  • TransHorse Sport shipping boot for pony or horse
  • BR shipping boots for horses
  • Bucas shipping boots for pony or horse
  • Kentucky Horsewear shipping boots for horses
  • Equiline shipping boots for horses

Travel boots for horses: high-quality materials

Travel boots are made of extremely durable, long-lasting materials. Due to their durability, they offer exactly the reliable protection that your horse needs when being transported in a horse trailer or something similar. The material quality and composition is comparable to that of high-quality outdoor rugs.

In order to benefit from the characteristics of the material in the best possible way, manufacturers usually use polyester and nylon yarns in ripstop outer fabrics to make the outer layer. On the inside, soft padding provides good cushioning. The inner layer is usually made of comfortable materials such as cotton, teddy fur or fleece.

Thanks to the choice of materials, travel boots provide a pleasant climate when worn. They avoid heat accumulation, so that wearing comfort is not restricted even on longer journeys.

Shipping boots for ponies or horses are:

  • tear-proof
  • breathable
  • functional

Depending on the model, elastic inserts support the accuracy of fit. Velcro fasteners, on the other hand, ensure that the travel boots can be put on and taken off quickly. Furthermore, the protectors can be easily adjusted to the horse's leg thanks to this type of fastening.

Shipping boots in different colours

As with most equestrian equipment, you can choose from different designs. Whether you prefer black, brown, blue or red travel boots is up to you. Ultimately, the choice of colour is always a question of personal taste.