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Paddock Boots

Appropriate footwear is an important part of your personal riding equipment. Sturdy footwear helps you as a rider to find grip in the stirrup and not slip off during the ride. In addition to the classic riding boots, paddock boots can also be used. These are short boots, similar to everyday boots, with shafts that end just above the ankle.

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Frequently asked questions about Paddock Boots

What are paddock boots?

Paddock boots, also called Jodhpur boots, are cut ankle high and represent an alternative to the conventional riding boots. They are made of leather or rubber and facilitate the work in the stable everyday. Whether for mucking out, for longer distances or in combination with chaps also for riding - paddock boots are always a practical companion. Unlike normal street shoes, paddock boots have a heel and a grippy sole. They also protect and stabilize your ankle and can prevent riding accidents.

Who are paddock boots suitable for?

Paddock boots are suitable for all riders who are looking for a cost-effective and comfortable alternative to riding boots. Those who like to wear Jodhpur breeches also make a good decision with paddock boots - it is not for nothing that the ankle-high shoes are also called Jodhpur ankle boots. Since Jodhpur breeches are cut a little wider at the calf, they can thus be pulled on optimally over the paddock boots. However, the comfortable paddock boots are not only suitable for riding, but also for daily stable work.

What types of paddock boots are there?

Basically, you can choose between paddock boots with zipper, elastic band, or lacing. All three variants have different advantages and disadvantages. A zipper on the paddock boots, which is usually at the back or on the inside, makes it easier for you to put them on and take them off, but it can also happen that the zipper breaks at some point. Paddock boots with elastic bands have the advantage that they hug the foot due to their flexibility and still fit with an extra pair of socks. The disadvantage, however, is that the rubber can stretch, and this variant doesn't look very elegant. A lacing system allows you to customize your paddock boots, preventing them from slipping. However, there is a risk that you will get caught somewhere with the laces and leather care is also somewhat more difficult.

What are the advantages of paddock boots?

Paddock boots are cheaper than classic riding boots and also serve the same purpose: they give the rider the necessary support while riding and ensure that the leg and the ankle are stable. In addition, they are flexible, have a high wearing comfort and are equipped with a grippy sole as well as with riding-specific heels. The various closure options make them easy to put on and take off. Another advantage over riding boots is that you can use paddock boots both for riding and for work in the stable.

Are paddock boots also suitable for winter?

If you want to wear paddock boots in winter, you should first and foremost make sure that they are well lined. So that the feet do not get cold while riding or working in the stable, the lining is usually made of lambskin, teddy fleece or synthetic materials. To prevent slipping, the paddock boots should have an anti-slip sole with a good grip. In addition, it is advisable to choose a size larger for the winter, then even thick socks have room in it. Those who like it even warmer, can additionally fall back on warm insoles.

What should you look for when buying paddock boots?

When buying paddock boots, the first thing that is important is an ideal fit as well as a high level of wearing comfort. They should not press, but also not slip. Good quality, high-quality leather as well as careful workmanship pay off if you want to benefit from paddock boots for a long time. Depending on your personal preferences, you should also pay attention to the various closure options. Some riders prefer a zipper, others a lacing. Finally, the look plays a major role in the purchase, because here you have the choice between brown and black paddock boots. So you can match your new model to the color of your saddle or bridle.

Which is better, riding boots or paddock boots?

Whether riding boots or paddock boots are more suitable is mainly a matter of taste. If freedom of movement and a quick dressing and undressing are important to you, paddock boots would be the better choice for you. Riding boots, on the other hand, provide more stability while riding and usually look a bit classier. While dressage riders often fall back on the classic riding boots, jumpers and leisure riders decide often for paddock boots. The only thing that is important is that you also wear chaps in addition to the paddock boots when riding, so that your calf doesn't rub against the saddle flap and your skin doesn’t get caught between the saddle and the stirrup leathers.

Elegant look with fine details

Thanks to their look, leather paddock boots are indistinguishable from chic everyday shoes at first glance. Paddock riding boots for children as well as paddock boots for women or men are available in various trendy or classic designs. The basis is the high-quality leather and a non-slip, flexible sole with a flat or small heel. This ensures high wearing comfort and safety at the same time.

The selection ranges from sporty models to leather paddock boots with patent leather details and perforated areas that ensure a particularly elegant look. The narrow-cut models, which resemble the so-called Chelsea boot, are also known as jodhpur boots. The variety of designs and the manufacturers’ attention to detail ensures that you can also cultivate your own individual style in the context of equestrian sports.

These boots can be easily combined with practically any clothing item. The combination of paddock boots in brown or black with eye-catching riding socks, which are pulled over the breeches as knee socks and thus ensure a unique look, is extremely popular.

Models and variants in our online shop

In our online shop, you will find a large selection of well-known brands that are known for their quality and have proven to be reliable partners for equestrian equipment. All products in the paddock riding boot category are designed for adults, are made of robust, supple leather and have a functional interior. The paddock boots are breathable and moisture-repellent, so that a pleasant, foot-friendly climate in the shoe is ensured.

The paddock boots are available in brown and black, which is why they are quite resistant to staining and dirt. Nevertheless, paddock boots need to be regularly cleaned to preserve the natural shine and suppleness of the leather. In our range, you will find zip, lace-up and slip-on paddock boots – and some that have elastic inserts.

Some models are suitable as winter paddock boots, others are designed for use throughout the year.

Our brands in our online shop:

  • Ariat paddock boots
  • Covalliero paddock boots
  • Ego7 paddock boots
  • Freejump paddock boots
  • Kavalkade paddock boots
  • Parlanti paddock boots
  • QHP paddock boots
  • Sergio Grasso paddock boots
  • Tonics paddock boots
  • Tucci paddock boots

Complete calf protection: Extend your paddock boots with chaps

Compared to high-shaft riding boots, paddock boots do not have to be a compromise solution when it comes to certain properties. The fact that paddock boots don’t offer effective protection for the calves is often cited as an argument against their use.

In fact, paddock boots can be easily extended if necessary. Chaps – i.e. bootlegs without shoes – can be connected to the shoe using loops or snap buttons. Paddock boots can be transformed into fully-fledged riding boots with minimal effort. Chaps effectively protect the calves from undergrowth, sun and other influences and are therefore the ideal alternative for all occasions when high riding boots are not mandatory.

Chaps combined with paddock boots are permitted as an alternative to high boots, depending on the respective tournament regulations. It is therefore worth taking a closer look at the choice of the right footwear, especially from the point of view of comfort.

Paddock boots: practically combined with spurs

A particularly practical utensil in equestrian sports as well as in horse training are the spurs. These can be attached to the rider's footwear so that the rider can transmit precise signals to the horse. With gentle emphasis, the spurs ensure that the horse perceives signals that cannot be given adequately by leg signals alone.

Paddock boots for children can be fitted with spurs, just like the paddock boots for adults. The buckle-on spurs are the best choice here: they can be strapped around the shaft using spur straps, if necessary. If the spurs are not in use, they can be easily removed and stored without affecting the look and functionality of the paddock boot.

Your contact for high-quality paddock boots

Whether you are looking for winter paddock boots or boots for riding in the warmer seasons – let yourself be inspired and find your new favourite accessories to add another highlight to your riding gear! We deliver in-stock paddock boots within a few business days.


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