PAIKKA provides dogs of all sizes with high-quality equipment and at the same time guarantees our four-legged friends ideal comfort. In addition to stylish dog coats, PAIKKA's range also includes... learn more about Paikka
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Paikka Slow Feed Bowl
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As for the clothing for dogs, the company attaches importance not only to an attractive appearance, but also to functionality and comfort. All coats are waterproof and equipped with reflectors for dark days, so that the safety of our four-legged friends is always guaranteed. In addition, the overalls have an ergonomic fit, which makes dogs feel more comfortable during movement.

The dog bowls from PAIKKA, which are also available in various sizes, are made of 100% high-quality ceramic and were lovingly handcrafted. Once held for 45 seconds under the cold water, they ensure that the food stays fresh for a particularly long time, because in this way the cooling effect of the material is activated.

PAIKKA attaches particular importance to sustainably produced accessories for our four-legged friends and thus ensures, in addition to first-class quality, thoughtful and individual equipment. The anatomically shaped coats, which were provided with further loving details, as well as the highly functional bowls and varied toys, let the hearts of dog and owner beat faster.