Since 1970, the American company KONG has been dedicated to the development of toys for pets, striving to design products that fully satisfy the innate chewing and playing needs of dogs, using... learn more about KONG
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KONG Air Dog SqueakAir Ball
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The whole assortment is characterized by particular durability and due to the possibility of choosing different material strengths, you can find durable and resistant products even for aggressive chewers.

The range was completed in the 90's by a dental care series, which until today ideally supports the health of our animals. From 2000 KONG provided products for dogs of different sizes and also expanded the range with innovative toys that can be filled with treats. This further enhances the chewing incentive. From puppies to seniors, every dog gets his money's worth at KONG, because each toy is purposefully tailored to the different needs.

Since 2004, the brand has also established itself on the European market and has enjoyed continuous growth ever since. Demand for the unique and innovative products is huge, and the brand is now popular with dogs and owners worldwide. Thanks to its extraordinary robustness, KONG is now the market leader in pet supplies and an ideal partner when it comes to pet-friendly and sophisticated toys for man's best friend.