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Trust Driving Bit Liverpool Sweet Iron Eliptical

The Trust Liverpool curb bit Sweet Iron with a double-broken mouthpiece can be found in the driving sport, because it has numerous possibilities for buckling the driving lines due to its pulls with three slots. The double-break mouthpiece belongs to the standard bits and lies loosely in the mouth. Thanks to the double refraction, the pressure is evenly distributed on the tongue, loading and mouth angle and there is no palate pressure. Likewise, the double refraction allows the mouthpiece to form more towards the mouth and is more comfortable for the horse to wear. The bit is made of steel and has a recognizable blue color. This is a special alloy which oxidizes through contact with moisture and forms surface rust. This rust naturally stimulates saliva production and the horse accepts the mouthpiece very well. You can also determine the efficiency of this curb bit yourself, depending on your needs. The lower the driving lines, the stronger the leverage and the sharper the effect of the bit.

Note: When not in use, a thin, orange-brown layer of rust develops on the mouthpiece, this can be removed with a damp cloth and does not represent a quality defect!


  • Sweet Iron
  • double broken
  • thickness: 16 mm
  • 3 slots
  • shank length: 10,0 cm

Driving Bit Liverpool Sweet Iron, Eliptical, 3 Slots, Non-Fixed, 16 mm Strength

  • FR16894
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for driving
saliva stimulation
high acceptance



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