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Beris Filet with Butterfly Snaffle

Beris Bits
Beris Filet with Butterfly Snaffle

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Hardness grade


  • FR14871
Product description

Beris Filet with Butterfly Snaffle

Fillet snaffles are similar to a pelham in their upper part, but there is a significant difference in their effect. Similar to a pelham, the cheek piece of the noseband is attached to the small upper ring. However, the bridle does not work via a lever, i.e. a third ring, as with a pelham, but is buckled directly to the snaffle ring. This type of buckling exerts hardly any pressure on the neck and is therefore ideal for horses that react sensitively to neck pressure. This type of bit also lies very still in the mouth, which helps especially horses that tend to carry their head very high to lower it and become lighter in the neck. The butterfly bar represents an absolute innovation in the field of bitting, as the classic plastic bar made of Beris plastic is equipped with two "wings". These wings basically provide a larger contact surface and thus distribute the pressure even more evenly over the tongue and the drawers. However, when the rein is accepted and there is pull on the bit, the rod turns in the mouth and the two wings move transversely, putting pressure on the tongue and palate. This bit therefore requires a particularly sensitive rider's hand.


  • food-safe plastic


  • finish: hard / soft
  • thickness: 20mm
  • width: 12 cm / 13 cm / 14 cm


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