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Trust Sweet Iron D-Ring Bit Brass Rings

The Trust Sweet Iron D-Ring bit has a double broken mouthpiece with brass rings in the middle. These rings encourage the horse to play with the bit, increasing tongue activity and stimulating saliva production. The D-rings on the side ensure a calm, stable position in the horse's mouth. In addition, the slight pressure on the cheeks makes it easier for the horse to stand and bend. The special shape of the side pieces prevents the bit from being pulled through the horse's mouth. The Sweet Iron alloy forms surface rust on contact with moisture, which tastes sweet to horses. This naturally stimulates the chewing activity and significantly increases the acceptance of the bit.


  • D-rings
  • double broken
  • brass rings
  • high acceptance
  • Sweet Iron alloy
  • ring diameter: 6,5 cm

D-Ring Bit, Brass Rings, Sweet Iron

  • FR24607
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high acceptance
D rings
double broken




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