Respiratory infections occur second only to colic and place an enormous strain on the organism of our horses. Hippomed provides a remedy and has been developing highly efficient inhalation... learn more about Hippomed
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Hippomed Rubber Seal for AirOne/AirOne Flex+ Inhaler, Spare Part
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In addition to a high dust load or an infection that has not been completely cured, viruses, bacteria or allergic reactions can also trigger a coughing fit in horses. The inhaler from hippomed provides lasting support and promotes the loosening of mucus in an effective way.

The saline solution, which is the basic agent for any inhalation application, moistens the respiratory tract, promotes the loosening of mucus and relieves dry coughs. Often, however, a medicinal treatment is also indispensable, which can also be carried out with the help of the inhaler from hippomed.

The inhaler has been one of the most effective devices on the market for decades when it comes to treating persistent respiratory problems in horses. The high nebulizer output and optimal particle size, which are delivered to the horse via a two-chamber system, guarantee a particularly effective inhalation.

With the inhaler hippomed has developed a highly efficient and innovative product, which supports the health of our four-legged friends in an ideal way and not only prevents respiratory infections, but also effectively alleviates them in case of an already existing disease.