In equestrian sports, there are moments when everything has to be just right. To ensure that no flies interfere and every rider has the appropriate fly repellent at hand, the brand BremsenBremse... learn more about BremsenBremse
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BremsenBremse Universal Spray Bottle
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At the tournament or even during training, the highest level of concentration is required to achieve the best performance. If then annoying insects disturb the horse, it is more than just frustrating. The rider is only busy keeping mosquitoes and horseflies away. To prevent this from happening in the first place, BremsenBremse specializes in products that protect the horse from all kinds of insects.

For 17 years, the extra-strength insect repellent from BremsenBremse has proven itself as an indispensable tool in successful, professional insect protection. The highly concentrated formulations have no waiting period and can therefore also be used without hesitation at the tournament.

The various formulations of BremsenBremse are individually tailored to the needs and preferences of the user. This offers the highest possible flexibility in application. Whether spray or gel, all products of the manufacturer guarantee effective protection against horseflies, mosquitoes and other annoying insects. The gel is particularly suitable for the horse's head, but also for sensitive horses that cannot be sprayed.

With BremsenBremse, riders have the certainty that their horse is optimally protected in every situation. Whether during training, riding out or at the tournament, the products are reliable and skin-friendly. Thanks to the high concentration of ingredients, they have a particularly long-lasting effect and thus offer reliable protection against insects.