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Trust Hackamore Long Combi "French Link"

Trust's "sweet iron" bits have a mouthpiece made of steel, which has a recognizable blue color. When this special alloy comes into contact with moisture, a kind of surface rust is formed, which tastes sweet and thus naturally stimulates saliva production. For this reason Trust bits are accepted and accepted by almost all horses. Due to this rust development (oxidation) the blue color of the TRUST bit changes to gray to brown. The Sweet Iron bit will form a thin orange-brown layer of rust on the mouthpiece when temporarily not in use. This can be easily removed with a damp cloth. The special feature of this bit is the additional Hackamore-like noseband, which puts additional pressure on the bridge of the nose. This bit is therefore suitable for horses that are sensitive to mouths, as the resulting pressure is distributed over several points on the horse's head and does not only exert punctual pressure in the mouth. Nevertheless, the effect on the bridge of the nose, mouth, tongue and neck should not be underestimated, which is why its use requires an experienced and sensitive rider's hand. In order to completely exclude the possibility of pinching the lips, additional bit discs were added to round off the picture of the teeth. The "French Link" in the middle of the tongue provides a punctual action on the middle of the tongue and thus provides the rider with new approaches to action.


  • Sweet Iron
  • stainless steel
  • brass


  • thickness: 16mm
  • width: 11,5cm / 12,5cm / 13,5cm / 14,5cm
  • double broken
  • 05001032

Hackamore Long Combi French Link

  • FR11341
$318.59 *

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Optimaler Komfort
Sweet Iron Mundstück
Einzigartiges Design



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