Dressage Boots (18)

In equestrian sports, there are a wide variety of disciplines which entail specific requirements. This applies not only to the test, but also to the... LEARN MORE

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QHP Riding Boot Hailey Adult, Leather Riding Boot, Women, Brown
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The characteristics of dressage riding boots

It’s a common myth that a good riding boot can be used in all disciplines. In principle, this may be true. But riders who want to do well in dressage should rely on riding boots which are specially designed for this discipline.

Dressage riding boots differ from ordinary riding boots in that they have a high shaft made of solid leather on the outside. This dressage bow, as it's known, ensures that the correct fit in the saddle with an elongated leg can be held better.

The fact that the dressage boots are made of a more flexible, thinner leather on the shorter inside also contributes to this. In addition, the heel is reinforced so that it's easier for the rider to keep their foot low.

These product characteristics distinguish a dressage riding boot from, for example, one used for show jumping: typical show-jumping boots are often made entirely of soft leather.

Advantages and disadvantages of dressage riding boots

The typical elongated shape of a dressage boot allows intensive contact with the horse's belly. The support of the posture required in dressage is also a decisive advantage of the manufacture. In particular, riders who regularly ride at tournaments should absolutely get their hands on one of these models.

However, the shape also poses some challenges for the person in the saddle: due to the special fit, dressage riding boots can quickly restrict freedom of movement. For example, dressage tall boots allow only a small amount of flexing in the knee area.

For riders who like to ride in different disciplines, an all-round riding boot may be the better choice.

Dressage boots are the right choice if you …

  • ... would like to participate in dressage competitions.
  • ... would like to specialise in dressage.
  • ... know your personal requirements for the fit of your riding boots as an experienced rider.
  • ... would like to invest in a particularly high-quality, durable riding boot.

Elegance on the leg: the appearance of dressage riding boots

Every riding discipline has a certain dress code once it comes to competitions. Dressage is no different. Quite the contrary: here a lot of emphasis is placed on extremely elegant clothing. In addition to well-seated tournament breeches, the headgear in particular catches the eye.

Because in dressage, sporty riding helmets are rarely used, favouring models which look elegant and create special visual effects. The same applies to the show jacket: Instead of the show jacket in a classic cut form, in the higher classes dressage tailcoats are used which have an extended back which exudes a lot of elegance.

This high visual standard of horse riding outfits is also noticeable in riding boots. In addition to the more classic models with a completely smooth surface, dressage sport boots with lacing are becoming increasingly popular. Dressage boots with lacing provide a special highlight thanks to the detailed part on the lower part of the boots or as a complete lacing.

Riders are also becoming increasingly bolder in their choices of colours. So a riding boot for dressage doesn't have to be black anymore. Colours like dark blue, cognac or dark brown are becoming more and more common. Lacquer models are also increasingly offering a fashionable eye-catcher in dressage.