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Frequently asked questions about Uvex

Uvex riding helmet what size?

To determine the correct Uvex riding helmet size, you can measure your head circumference with a flexible measuring tape. Your head circumference corresponds to the helmet size. The Uvex riding helmet fits perfectly in the center of your head. It should not be too wide in the neck, but also not too wide in the forehead. At best, there should be about one to two finger widths of space between the helmet and your eyebrows.

Which Uvex riding helmet suits me?

Uvex riding helmets are available in various designs. Which head protection is right for you depends on your preferences regarding the design. There are the variants unisex helmet for riding, Uvex riding helmet for women and Uvex children's riding helmet. You can choose between timeless, sporty models or elegant premium variants with eye-catching decorative designs, such as the Uvex riding helmet with Swarovski stones. For the kids, there are colorful motifs and colorful surface materials. In addition, you can consciously focus on safety technologies. If you are riding in dressage or eventing, for example, these variants are recommended.

What technologies make Uvex riding helmets so safe?

Uvex has three different safety technologies in use, which are integrated into certain helmet models. The Uvex Elexxion Tocsen has a fall sensor with integrated emergency call systems. In the case of a serious fall, GPS data is used to summon help to the scene of the accident. On the Uvex Exxential 2 LED, LED lighting that can be activated as needed ensures good visibility at dusk and in the dark. The Uvex Exxential 2 MIPS protects the brain from a dangerous rotational movement in the event of an oblique impact.

Can I use an Uvex riding helmet as a bicycle helmet?

Safety helmets must meet certain requirements in order to be approved. This means that all crash helmet models are extensively tested before they go on sale. Uvex riding helmets are particularly lightweight and comply with both riding and cycling helmet standards. So you can also use your Uvex riding helmet as a bike helmet.