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Lunge Lines

Lunging, which means letting the horse walk in a circular path on a long line, is of great importance in equestrian sport. Leading the horse on the lunge serves the purpose of education and training. When lunging, it is essential to choose the right horse lunge. Therefore, we offer you a variety of special lunge ropes for horses in our online shop. Find the variant that suits your requirements!

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Lunge line: for intensive training with the horse

The horse lunge, also called lunge line or lunge rope, may seem unremarkable, but in fact it is an important part of the horse's training. After all, the lunge line for horses serves as a link between the lunger and the horse. There are three different attachment options for this task.

One option is to attach the lunge to the halter or headcollar. However, it must be noted that in this case no direct aids can be given. It is also possible to lunge the horse on the snaffle. In this case the lunger has a connection to the horse's mouth and can communicate more easily with the animal. Keep in mind, however, that the lunge is attached to a bit ring, which creates a one-sided pull in the horse's mouth. This can lead to the bit being pulled out a little on one side.

Alternatively, the lunge ropes for horses can be attached to the lunging cavessons. These cavessons are specially designed for this purpose as they have three rings attached to the noseband. This enables the lunger to influence the animal gently during training.

Depending on the intended use, the lunging cavessons can be combined with lunging bits. These support the effect of the lunge lines on the horse and allow an even more precise control of the horse. Another advantage is that the auxiliary reins can be buckled to the bit.

Lunging can be supported with lunging surcingles. The wide girths have several rings and are placed around the horse's belly. You can attach auxiliary reins to the rings and thereby vary the position of the forehead-nose line. At best you let your horse walk in front of the vertical. If the horse is younger, it is advisable to buckle the side-reins a bit longer. Working with the horse lunge can therefore be very versatile.

The different types of horse lunge lines

Depending on your purpose, you can choose between different lunge lines and lunge ropes for horses. We offer you the most common models:

  • Simple lunge line: the simple lunge line for horses is a rope that is about 8 metres long. At one end, there is a hand loop for the lunger and on the other side there is either a hook or a buckle. The end is attached to the snaffle, lunging cavesson or halter which creates a direct connection between the lunger and the horse.
  • Double lunge line: the double lunge line consists of two lines that run together in a hand loop. The two loose ends are each attached to the lunging cavesson or snaffle and to the lunging girth. This horse lunge rope is between 12 and 20 metres long..
  • Horsemanship rope: horsermanship ropes are intended for working with the horse from the ground. The ropes come in different varieties and are used for horse training.

If you have any questions about our range of products, please do not hesitate to contact our team of experts.


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