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Trust Sweet Iron Full Cheek French Link

The Trust Full Cheek French Link is made of the so-called Sweet Iron material. This means that the bit is made of iron with a special alloy which forms surface rust when it comes into contact with the horse's saliva and has a sweet taste. This stimulates the horse's chewing activity. The thighs of the snaffle exert more pressure on the horse's cheeks, helping to position and bend the horse. The bit can also not be pulled through the mouth by the thighs and the firmly attached rings and the chaps are not pinched. The French Link mouthpiece is double-broken and has a plate in the middle which exerts even pressure on the tongue. It also lies particularly quietly in the mouth and is therefore especially suitable for young or very hot horses. When the mouthpiece is in use, it reacts with the horse's saliva and the blue discolouration turns orange/brown.


  • double broken with plate in the middle
  • Sweet Iron alloy
  • stimulates the chewing activity
  • lies quietly in the mouth
  • suitable for young and particularly hot horses
Product features
Mouthpiece: Double broken
Riding Style: Dressur, Springen
Bit width: 11,5 cm, 12,5 cm, 13,5 cm, 14,5 cm
Gebissstärke: 16 mm
Bit types: Schenkeltrensen
Material: Messing, Sweet Iron /Stahl
Artikelnummer: FR11330
EAN 7434011473431

Sweet Iron Full Cheek French Link

  • FR11330
$141.59 *

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lateral boundary
Sweet Iron bit
stable position in the mouth


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