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Veredus Fetlock Boots Kevlar Gel Vento

The fetlock boots Kevlar Gel Vento by Veredus impress with their special double ventilation. The heat from the horse's leg crosses the layer of micro-perforated neoprene and is then distributed in the channeled 3D mesh fabric. The entry of fresh air through the air inlet is encouraged by the movement of the horse. This sets the heat captured in the channeled tissue in motion and leads it up to the outlet grille. This means that ventilation takes place horizontally from the inside to the outside and vertically from the bottom to the top. In addition, these fantastic fetlock boots have Nitrex gel and carbon, which guarantees protection for the flexor tendons. The anatomical shape and the two button closures guarantee that the fetlock boots are held securely.

Note: These fetlock boots are approved for tournaments according to the FEI 2021.

Scope of delivery

  • The fetlock boots are supplied in pairs

Fetlock Boots Kevlar Gel Vento

  • FR16532
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