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Veredus tendon boots Carbon Gel Grand Slam

The Grand Slam Carbon Gel tendon boots are a Gold Edition developed by Veredus in honor of Veredus testimonial Scott Brash's victory at the Rolex Grand Slam. These innovative gaiters were developed with the highest technology and are adorned with gold details. The Grand Slam Carbon Gel Gaiters are the first shin guard to provide dual ventilation by allowing heat radiated from the horse's leg to pass through a layer of micro-perforated neoprene and then disperse into a channeled mesh 3D fabric. Fresh air enters from the outside through the horse's movements through an air inlet, setting the heat captured in the fabric in motion and directing it upward to the outlet grille. This allows ventilation both horizontally from the inside out and vertically from the bottom up. The anatomically shaped shell provides maximum comfort and the button closures allow the gaiters to be put on easily and quickly with an ideal fit. A carbon and nitrexgel protection promises additional protection of the sensitive flexor tendon.


  • micro-perforated neoprene AEROX
  • 3D mesh fabric
  • carbon + nitrexgel protection for the flexor tendon
  • button closures
  • anatomically shaped shell

tendon boots Carbon Gel Grand Slam

  • FR12734
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double ventilation
button closures
anatomically shaped




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