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Tucci riding boots Marilyn with punched leather

The Marilyn riding boot with budapest hole pattern is an elegant and classically fashionable riding boot made of high-quality leather. It is ideally suited for tournaments and training. Tucci leather is the finest Italian leather. It is tanned with the most innovative techniques to generate a leather that is water resistant, antibacterial and lighter than traditional leather. The boot is therefore extremely resistant and guarantees stability. The high quality leather offers the rider a particularly comfortable feeling, as it is supple and breathable. This enables improved communication with the horse. Along the zipper there is an elastic back band, which is absorbent and breathable. The padded leather tongue on the back protects both the heel and the zipper and helps the foot to slide easily into the shoe of the horse boot. The antibacterial shock absorber sole absorbs unpleasant odours and offers a perfect and comfortable hold in the boot. The double seam provides more resistance along the tension points of the riding boot. The high dressage arch and the patent inserts perfectly round off the look of the boot. When buying the riding boots, you should make sure that they fit very tightly. The leather and the elastic insert give way a little after about 1-2 weeks, so that they stretch to the perfect width and they feel like a second skin. This ideal fit is particularly suitable for show jumpers, where the riding boots must not slip under any circumstances when jumping. Of course, these are also suitable for dressage, which allows the rider to have a finer effect on the horse.


  • Budapest hole pattern
  • breathable
  • water resistant
  • soft & fine leather
  • elastic & breathable back strap
  • padded leather tongue
  • antibacterial
  • shock absorbing sole
  • non-slip rubber sole

Care instructions

  • clean with water only
  • use leather care
Product features
Color: black
Age Group: adult
gender: unisex
Artikelnummer: FR21558

Riding Boots Marilyn punched Leather, Women

  • FR21558
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