NAF established itself as a force to be reckoned with in the equestrian market more than 30 years ago and has since been providing high-quality feed supplements that cover every area. The company... learn more about NAF
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NAF Leather Balm, Leather Grease
Content 0.4 kg ($52.35 * / 1 kg)
$20.94 *
NAF Saddle Soap Leather
Content 0.25 l ($40.12 * / 1 l)
$10.03 *
NAF Saddle Soap Leather Soft
Content 0.45 kg ($28.18 * / 1 kg)
$12.68 *
NAF Leather Care Sheer Luxe Leather Food, Leather Lotion
Content 0.5 l ($41.88 * / 1 l)
$20.94 *
NAF Supplement in the Pink Powder, Digestion
Content 0.7 kg ($79.69 * / 1 kg)
From $55.78 *
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This results in unique and highly effective products.

In addition to products for joints, hooves and the digestive tract, the NAF range also includes feedstuffs that focus on strengthening the immune system or supporting the respiratory system. NAF also provides formulas dedicated to vitality and products that have a calming effect on the horse, skin and hoof care items, and even leather care products. A company that enriches equestrian sports with a first-class range.

All supplementary feeds and care products are developed in collaboration with renowned veterinarians, nutritionists and chemists, which results in particularly well thought-out and effective products. Also the British equestrian team as well as other top-class riders worldwide rely on the assortment of NAF - another indication of the extraordinary quality.

NAF always attaches great importance to strict quality controls, as the company supports the "Clean Sport" - with complete success. Very few products result in a grace period after administration. For this reason, NAF has been certified as a GMP+ company, which proves that the products are manufactured sustainably and safely and that the range consists of healthy feeds.