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Tech Stirrups Safety "Venice Slopped"

The "Venice Slopped" safety stirrups from Tech Stirrups not only look beautiful, but are also equipped with a revolutionary safety mechanism. In the event of a fall, you will be able to get your foot out of the stirrup more easily because it opens under certain pressure. Afterwards, thanks to the spring action, the moving part returns to its original shape. The movable part is fixed to the tread surface and thanks to a spring pressure and a special locking system on the ring. The tread surface offers maximum grip thanks to the pyramid profile and the 3° inclination, so that you won't slip even when riding fast. The pyramid profile also prevents the accumulation of mud and water. If necessary, you can quickly and easily find the tread surface (below this product description you will find the right replacement pad under "Passendes Zubehör"). A simple stirrup with an excellent price, which you should not miss and which you will not want to miss even after a short time of use thanks to its many functions!


  • Aluminium
  • Stainless steel
  • Weight: 550 gr.
  • tread width: 120 x 65 mm

Safety Venice Slopped

  • FR21896
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