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Kentucky work boots leather front

The Kentucky brand leather work boots have a classic look and are made with the most modern materials. On the outside the boots are equipped with a durable and completely waterproof PVC leather. Inside they are equipped with a comfortable sheepskin and EVA-plastic. This combination of materials results in a cost-effective and everyday usable working boot for your horse, which protects the horse's legs optimally. Due to the anatomical fit and two strong and secure Velcro fasteners, these gaiters offer 100% comfort, even for horses with sensitive skin. These gaiters are ideal for working in your own stable, leading by hand, moving in the horse walker, lunging and more.


  • PVC Leather
  • Sheepskin
  • EVA plastic

Care instructions

  • Clean with water
  • Use leather care

Kentucky Working Boots Leather Front

  • FR14173.1
$134.99 *

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