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Dyon Bridle B1098

The chic Swedish bridle from Dyon is a real eye-catcher. The bridle from the Difference Collection was specially designed to give the horse more space in the neck. The wide-cut headpiece distributes the pressure particularly well and enables the best wearing comfort and a feel-good factor for your horse. In order to allow the snaffle to be cut and to prevent it from slipping, the snaffle has crossed throat straps that hold the headpiece where it should be. The seams of the bridle are kept in a light cream tone so that they stand out nicely from the rest of the leather of the bridle. The special bridle also has a Swedish noseband and fittings made of stainless steel. The soft English leather is particularly supple and easy to care for. It offers maximum comfort for your horse. The wide noseband is also used for better pressure distribution and is particularly stylish.


Please note that the delivery does not include reins.


English leather

  • Stainless steel fittings
  • cream-colored seams


  • Swedish bridle
  • wide cut neck piece
  • anatomically
  • padded

Combined Bridle Dressage Noseband DC

  • 765
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Dyon Combined Bridle Dressage Noseband DC
$149.62 * Originally: $374.06 *

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