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Back on Track Neck Protector

The neck protector by Back on Track covers both the atlas and axis nerves and extends behind the neck. This means that the Welltex material can also work here. Welltex material provides a warm and cosy feeling and thus guarantees a long-lasting feeling of well-being for the horse. The horse's body heat is reflected in the form of infrared radiation, which reduces muscle tension and promotes blood circulation. Although the material warms the horse's body, it still does not sweat and is therefore comfortable to wear. Velcro fasteners allow the neck protector to be easily attached, guaranteeing an excellent fit. Additional reinforcements and a band are attached to the outer sides. This strap allows the neck protector to be attached to the halter or throatlatch. !


  • 50 % cotton, 50 % polyester


  • S - cob
  • M/L - full

Care instructions

  • Machine wash at 40 °C
  • do not clean dry
  • do not dry in a dryer
  • do not iron hot
  • do not bleach

Neck Protector

  • FR18092
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Net of applicable taxes

Welltex effect
optimal fit
reinforcement on outer sides



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