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Trust Sweet Iron Full Cheek Bit Sweet Iron, with Brass Rings

This Trust full cheek bit is a model with a double-broken mouthpiece, which has brass rings in the middle. These brass rings encourage the horse to play with the bit, increasing tongue activity and producing more saliva so that the jaws are more likely to relax. The side bars put pressure on the cheeks, making it easier for a horse to turn and bend. To prevent the bars from coming into contact with the side of the horse's head, they are slightly curved outwards. Another advantage of this full cheek bit is that it lies particularly quietly and stably in the horse's mouth. The Sweet Iron alloy, which forms surface rust on contact with moisture, ensures a high level of acceptance of the mouthpiece. This surface rust tastes sweet to horses.

Note: When not in use, a thin, orange-brown layer of rust develops on the mouthpiece. This can be removed with a damp cloth and does not represent a quality defect!


  • shanks: 6,5 cm
  • double broken
  • high acceptance
  • brass rings in the middle

Full Cheek Bit, with Brass Rings, Sweet Iron

  • FR24653
$141.59 *

Net of applicable taxes

double broken
with brass rings
Sweet Iron alloy




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