Fenwick Equestrian

Fenwick Equestrian

Fenwick manufactures innovative products for nervous horses, which counteract this problem in an ideal way. Inner restlessness is combated naturally, and the nervous system of our four-legged... learn more about Fenwick Equestrian


In 2009, the Fenwick Equestrian brand was founded by the siblings Wilhelmina and Fred McEwan. The goal from the beginning was to develop high-quality products for equestrian sports, which represent an added value for horse and rider. Based on this, the Fenwick Equestrian masks were soon created.

The therapeutic masks are used both when riding and in everyday stable life, can be applied 24 hours and are particularly suitable for anxious horses. The patented functionality comes from the liquid titanium that is processed in the mask. This material stabilizes the serotonin level and thus has a calming effect.

The far infrared rays (FIR) emitted from the fabric of Fenwick masks, in combination with negatively charged ions, have a positive effect on the body. They increase body heat, improve blood circulation, and thus boost energy, support nitrogen production, which in turn boosts the immune system, and reduce acidity in the body. The rays can also reduce pain and promote muscle activity.

Using innovative materials, Fenwick provides first-class and efficient products that have a positive effect on the body and mind of our horses. This has quickly established the company as a very popular manufacturer in the market.