Bense & Eicke

Bense & Eicke

The Bense & Eicke brand is known for its high-quality horse and leather care products. Founded in 1879, the family business has built up an excellent reputation over the years. learn more about Bense & Eicke
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The Bense & Eicke product range includes various items that appeal to both riders and horses alike. The range includes products for hoof, skin and coat care, insect protection and regeneration, as well as for leather cleaning and care. Bense & Eicke also offers treats and feed supplements for various applications.

The company, which is now run by the third generation, focuses on people and nature. Bense & Eicke attaches great importance to natural ingredients when it comes to the selection of raw materials. Some recipes are already purely natural. The aim is to act as resource-conserving as possible in all processes. That is why some of the products are already recyclable.

Thanks to its many years of experience and dedication to perfection, Bense & Eicke has developed into a trustworthy brand that both professionals and amateurs in equestrian sports trust. With functional products and an unwavering commitment to quality, the manufacturer will undoubtedly continue to play a major role in the industry.