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  • FR23027
Product description

HS Sprenger Hunter Jumper D-Ring Bit Dynamic RS Double Broken

The Hunter Jumper bit is ideal for show jumping. Thanks to the lateral limitation by the D-rings, the horse is prevented from breaking out over the shoulder and the rider is supported when riding turns. The D-rings are firmly connected to the bit so that it lies quietly in the horse's mouth and the corners of the mouth are protected. Due to the anatomical shape, the mouthpiece optimally adapts to the contours of the tongue and the horse's mouth, and the action of the reins becomes more precise and effective, as the pressure caused by the rein aids is evenly distributed in the mouth. The center piece also tilts forward 45 °, so that the sense of touch of the tongue is used. The bit is made of the material mix Sensogan. This is alloyed with copper, manganese and zinc for better acceptance. The alloy also stimulates salivation and chewing activity. The balanced mix of materials is particularly well tolerated and therefore also suitable for sensitive horses. Note: The mouthpiece is marked with an arrow on the side. This should point forward on the left hand to ensure optimum effectiveness.


  • Sensogan with stainless steel sides
  • double broken

LPO approval

approved as a curb bit for competitions with prescribed bridle on curb bit:

  • dressage test class L to S
  • eventing test from GVL on (dressage test)
  • approved for all types of tests with snaffle bridle


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