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Stübben Steeltec, double broken 2 in 1 butterfly bridle

The "2 in 1 Butterfly Snaffle" comes with a double-broken stainless steel mouthpiece, with the centerpiece made of the classic "sweet copper" material. This special copper compound is said to have a sweet taste for horses and thus increases the acceptance many times over. The chewing activity is also stimulated by the material, which increases the saliva flow and enables a sensitive communication between the rider's hand and the horse's mouth. The Butterfly Snaffle is primarily used in show jumping, since its numerous buckling possibilities allow for variation in action and control.
1. When the reins are buckled in the middle ring, the snaffle acts similar to a belly bit with the main impact on the mouth and only slight pressure on the neck.
2. buckled in the lower ring, the leverage is increased. The bit works similar to a 3-ring snaffle. However, the pressure is distributed more evenly over the horse's mouth and neck, which leads to better acceptance.
3. a medium leverage effect is obtained by using Pelham straps, which are fixed to the middle and lower rings.
4. the butterfly bridle can also be additionally strapped to the upper ring with a chin strap
The 2 in 1 effect results from the two different buckling possibilities, which are achieved by simply turning the dentition around:
1. If the square side of the bit is buckled towards the horse's tongue, the bit pressure is more punctual.
2. if the round side of the bit is buckled towards the horse's tongue, the effect is softer.
If you see a + on the outside left side of the bit on the ascending side, the more effective side is buckled. If there is no sign, the softer side is buckled. An occasional change of the buckles prevents the horse from getting used to them and from blunting its mouth.


  • sweet copper (90% copper, 7% iron + aluminum, nickel-free)
  • stainless steel


  • thickness: 16mm
  • side part: 14cm
  • width: 12,5cm / 13,5cm / 14cm / 14,5cm
  • double broken
  • 2293

Double Broken 2 in 1 Butterfly Bridle

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