HS Sprenger Hackamore with Curb Chain and Stainless Steel Cheeks
Product description

HS Sprenger Hackamore with curb chain and stainless steel cheecks

The Hackamore is a popular bitless bridle, which is often used for horses with mouth injuries. But not only for those horses, but also for horses that are not affected by the bit or simply for riders who like to ride bitless, a Hackamore is very suitable. Hackamore affects the horse's neck, the highly sensitive bridge of the nose as well as the pit of the chin and should therefore not be underestimated. Riders who want to ride with a Hackamore should be able to ride their horse through the turn with the weight and thigh aids alone.


  • Leather
  • stainless steel


  • noseband length: 35cm
  • beams: 24cm
  • 42143
Product features
Riding Style: Springen
property: gebisslos
Bit types: Hackamore
Shank length: 24 cm
Artikelnummer: FR12103
EAN 4022853033895

HS Hackamore with Curb Chain and Stainless Steel Cheeks

  • FR12103
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