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Stübben Steeltec, single broken "Golden Wings" snaffle

The "Golden Wings" snaffle from Stübben convinces with its unique selling point, the large, laterally positioned bit plates, which not only effectively prevent the lips from getting caught, but also enable a new type of action. With the help of the bit plates, also called "Wings", the rider obtains a direct external effect on the horse's mouth. Despite the massive side plates, which provide additional support and limitation, the bit rings continue to slide freely through the mouthpiece. Thus the "Golden Wings" bit combines the advantages of a water snaffle and at the same time enables the rider to act on the horse's mouth from the outside. This bit is excellently suited for inexperienced horses that need even more support in the form of lateral hold.


  • sweet copper (90% copper, 7% iron + aluminum, nickel-free)
  • stainless steel


  • thickness: 14mm
  • ring size: 65mm (width 11,5cm)
  • ring size: 70mm (all other widths)
  • width: 11,5cm / 12,5cm / 13,5 / 14,5cm
  • simply broken
  • 2264

Stübben Simple Broken Water Snaffle Golden Wings

  • FR12990
$123.90 *

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