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Beris Pelham Swales Comfort Bar thin

The bit "Swales" by Beris is very similar to a Pelham, but is used with a second rein, as well as with a chin chain. This bit is therefore particularly suitable for very strong or even hot horses. The bit is delivered with 5cm or 7cm long suits, which can reduce or increase the leverage. The anatomically shaped comfort bar distributes the pressure evenly over the tongue and the chests, but gives the tongue enough space under the bit due to its curved shape. The Beris synthetic material is highly accepted and considerably promotes chewing and the associated saliva formation. The length of the mouthpiece is reduced due to the inner ring and the additional teeth discs, which prevent the lips from getting trapped, so that the mouthpiece should be ordered 1 cm further on.


  • - food-safe plastic


  • thickness: 15mm
  • width: 11cm / 12cm / 13cm
  • finish: hard / soft
  • suits: 5cm / 7cm

Beris Swales with Comfort Bar Thin 10290D

  • FR14853
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