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Freejump Stirrups Soft Up Lite

The "Soft Up Lite" stirrups by Freejump guarantee a high level of safety. The material is fiberglass injected with spandex and filled with polyacrylamide. At the top of the stirrup there is an eyelet with an angle of 45° on which a stirrup strap can be passed, so you have a perfect foot position. The flexible arm opens in case of a fall, so that serious injuries are minimized or prevented. Another advantage of these stirrups is that the pressure is reduced, which is beneficial for both the rider and the horse and leads to an unforgettable riding experience. The tread surface is non-slip and equipped with small studs, so you have a secure grip.


  • fiber glass
  • spandex
  • polyacrylamide


  • up to approx. 10.2 cm wide shoe soles (average shoe size EU 39 / UK 6.5 / US men 7 / US women 8.5)

Stirrups Soft Up Lite New

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Perfekte Fußposition
Rutschsichere Stollen
10,7cm breite Trittfläche



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