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Stübben Steeltec, single broken 3-ring snaffle "2 in 1"

The Stübben Steeltec "2 in 1" 3-ring snaffle comes with a simply broken stainless steel mouthpiece. The new 2 in 1 bit offers two levels of effectiveness by simply strapping it on.
If the square side of the bit is buckled towards the horse's tongue, the bit pressure is more selective.
If the round side of the bit is buckled towards the horse's tongue, the effect is more gentle.
If you see a + on the outside left side of the bit on the ascending side, the more effective side is buckled. If there is no sign, the softer side is buckled. An occasional change of the buckles prevents the horse from getting used to them and from blunting its mouth. Since the 3-ring snaffle works with a leverage effect, it has a great effect on the horse's mouth and should only be used under a fine and experienced rider's hand.


  • stainless steel


  • thickness: 16mm
  • width: 12,5cm / 13,5 / 14cm / 14,5cm
  • side parts: 70 x 150mm
  • simply broken
  • 2283



Single Broken 3-Ring Snaffle 2 in 1

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