Product description

HS Sprenger KK Bradoon

This underlay bridle impresses with its special curvature of the mouthpiece. Due to this special shape, the bit lies completely on the entire tongue and thus distributes the pressure over the entire jaw area. Given rein aids arrive very directly and also effectively in the mouth, which is why this bit is particularly suitable for horses that do not constantly approach the hand or also for horses that no longer react appropriately to the softer signals of a double broken bit. Horses or ponies that have less space in the mouth also benefit from this bit, as this underlay bridle can also be used as a normal single broken bridle. Please buckle all bits marked with an arrow so that the arrow on the left hand points forward.


  • Sensogan (alloy of copper, manganese and zinc)
  • stainless steel


  • thickness: 14mm
  • ring size: 55mm
  • width: 12cm / 13cm / 14cm / 15cm
  • simply broken
  • 40222
Product features
Mouthpiece: Single broken
Riding Style: Dressur
Material: Sensogan
Gebissstärke: 14 mm
Bit width: 12 cm, 13 cm, 14 cm, 15 cm
Bit types: Unterlegtrensen
property: für geringen Platz im Maul
Artikelnummer: FR12209
EAN 4022853203168

HS KK Bradoon

  • FR12209
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