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Heiniger Shearing Knife Set 21/23

Heiniger shearing knives are made of high quality knife steel. A special grinding process gives the knives a durable finish. The hollow grind and patented design ensures optimal shearing performance for a long time. The shearing blades provide a clean coat. The coat length after shearing is approx. 2 - 4 mm. This set of blades can also be used on dirty coats and is ideal for horses with thick fur or Cushing horses.

Instructions for use

  • before shearing, remove coarse dirt from the horse's coat
  • the horse's coat must be dry to be shorn
  • oil the clipper blade every 5-10 minutes during shearing to prevent overheating of the blades
  • remove loose hairs from the clipper blade several times during shearing with the cleaning brush

Shearing Knife Set 21/23

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