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Heiniger Shaving Head Made of Special Steel for Horse Shearing

The shaving head of the Heiniger brand is ideally suited for the Saphir horse clipper. The shaving heads are particularly robust and durable. The piece made of high-strength special steel is particularly suitable for detail shearing and is easy to handle. The shaving head can be easily exchanged and is ready for use immediately. The robust material allows repeated re-sharpening of the blades. In addition, all Heiniger brand clipper heads are compatible with other models.

Compatible models

  • Heiniger Saphir
  • Heiniger Opal
  • Andis
  • Moser
  • Easter
  • Election
  • Aesculap FAV5

Note: Please read the instruction manual before use

Instructions for use

  • remove coarse dirt from the horse's coat before clipping
  • horse coat must be dry to be clipped
  • oil the clipper blade every 5-10 minutes during clipping to prevent overheating of the blades
  • remove loose hairs from the clipper blade with a cleaning brush during clipping

Shearing length of the shearing heads

  • #40/0,6 mm veterinary shearing
  • #10/1,5 mm belly, the face area, for the paws, for the ears and for the anal and intimate area
  • #9/2.0 mm horse/dog harness, popular for felting
  • #10W/2,3 mm horse harness
  • #10WF/1.5 mm horse shearing

Shaving Head Made of Special Steel for Horse Shearing

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