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Trust Driving Bit Liverpool Flexi Soft 3 Slots Fixed

The Liverpool Flexi Soft driving bit by Trust is a bit that has been specially developed for driving. It has three slots, so the rider can decide individually how strong the impact should be. Basically, the further down the driving lines run, the stronger the leverage and the sharper the effect of the bit. The Flexi Soft curb bit has a soft steel core and a plastic coating, so it is particularly soft in the mouth and is well accepted by sensitive horses. However, this bit is not suitable for very strong horses due to its flexibility. Since plastic is much softer than metal, damage by the horse's teeth is not impossible, but rather unlikely if placed correctly in the mouth. The thickness of the bit is 20 mm.


  • stainless steel core
  • plastic coating
  • thickness: 20 mm
  • flexible
  • 3 slots
  • shank length: 10,0 cm

Driving Curb Liverpool Inno Sense Flexi Soft, 3 Slots, Fixed, 20 mm Thickness.

  • FR22112
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