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Stübben Steeltec, quick contact water snaffle

This bit from Stübben comes with an anatomically shaped, double-broken mouthpiece made of the classic "sweet copper" material. This special copper compound is said to have a sweet taste for horses and thus increases the acceptance many times over. The material also stimulates the chewing activity, which increases the saliva flow and enables a sensitive communication between rider's hand and horse's mouth. Due to their simple form and their comparatively gentle effect, water snaffles are real all-round bits. Regardless of the age, training level or breed of your quadruped, these bits can be used throughout and are equally suitable for professionals and amateurs.


  • sweet copper (90% copper, 7% iron + aluminum, nickel-free)
  • stainless steel


  • thickness: 16mm
  • width: 12,5cm / 13,5cm
  • ring size: 70mm
  • double broken
  • 2423
Product features
Bit types: Loose Ring Bits
Mouthpiece: Double broken
Riding Style: Dressur, Springen
Bit width: 12,5 cm, 13,5 cm, 14,5 cm
Gebissstärke: 16 mm
property: anatomisch, kauanregend
Material: Sweet Copper
Artikelnummer: FR13075
EAN 7630001510197

quick contact Water Snaffle

  • FR13075
$105.02 *

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