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Stübben Steeltec Dressage Curb

The Stübben dressage curb bit comes with 7cm long suits and a mouthpiece made of the "sweet copper" material known for Stübben. The slight tongue clearance is tilted forward by 30° and thus distributes the pressure optimally on tongue and chest without pinching the tongue under the bit. The material is a special copper mixture, which is supposed to have a sweet taste for horses and therefore promotes chewing activity. Due to the sweetish taste, the curb shines with a very high acceptance and the increased saliva additionally contributes to a harmonious rider-horse connection. Please keep in mind that the curb bit is placed further down the mouth and should therefore be 0.5cm - 1cm shorter than the underlay bridle.


  • Sweet copper (90% copper, 7% iron + aluminum, nickel-free)
  • Stainless steel


  • Width: 11.5 cm
  • Thickness: 14 mm
  • Width: 12.0 / 12.5 / 13.0 / 13.5 / 14.0 cm
  • Thickness: 16 mm
  • Tongue: 7 cm
  • Tongue clearance inclined forward by 30°
  • 2290
Product features
Bit types: Curb Bits
Mouthpiece: Bar, Mit Zungenfreiheit
Bit width: 11,5 cm, 12 cm, 12,5 cm, 13 cm, 13,5 cm, 14 cm
Riding Style: Dressur
Gebissstärke: 14 mm, 16 mm
property: kauanregend
Material: Sweet Copper
Shank length: 7 cm
Artikelnummer: FR13082
EAN 7630001500907

Dressage Curb

  • FR13082
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Sweet Copper Mundstück



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