The brand Zedan is a well-known name in the world of horse care and has established itself as one of the leading brands. For over 30 years, the manufacturer has put its knowledge and experience... learn more about Zedan
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The products of Zedan are designed to promote the well-being and health of horses. The brand offers a wide range of products specifically tailored to the needs of horses, including care products for skin, coat, mane and hooves, a leather care collection and insect repellents.

Among Zedan's most famous products are the insect sprays, which are based on natural ingredients and are effective against flies, horse flies, mosquitoes as well as ticks. The sprays are particularly skin-friendly and are therefore also suitable for horses with sensitive skin. Since some four-legged friends cannot be sprayed, the insect repellent is also available as a gel with a practical sponge.

Zedan also pays special attention to the care of hooves. The hoof care products are particularly gentle due to their natural ingredients and care for the horse's hooves in a sustainable way. The products can also be supportive in case of problems such as scurf or thrush.

In addition, the products for skin and eczema care are very popular with riders. They provide optimal care for the horse's skin and help to counteract itching. Those who want to keep tail and mane knot-free and prevent hair breakage should use the vitamin-rich mane spray.

Zedan's products are not only effective but also sustainably produced. Only natural and biodegradable raw materials are used in production and the use of chemical additives is avoided. The bottles are also environmentally friendly and can be largely recycled.