Effax Wax-Cotton
Product description

Effax Wax-Cotton

Wax-Cotton by Effax impregnates and cares for waxed cotton. It cleans, maintains and re-impregnates jackets or pants saturated with wax. The Effax Wax-Cotton is applied thinly with a cloth evenly and in circular motions on the dry and clean clothing. By applying additional heat, e.g. with a hair dryer or heater, the wax penetrates the fiber more quickly.


  • without parabens
  • without microplastic
  • packaging made from recycled plastic

Application instructions

  • apply Effax Wax-Cotton with a cloth in circular movements to dry and clean clothing


  • FR24604
$18.58 *
Content: 0.2 l ($92.90 * / 1 l)

Net of applicable taxes

cleans and maintains
easy to use
impregnated with wax

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